Crashing at Launcher
Hey guys. I'm trying to get on and the game will just crash as the patch is about to start loading. I have tried everything and was wondering if anyone else is having difficulty or just me as is the usual case.
Haven't tried yet but I am excited to do so now that you are having issues. I anticipate I will also Sad

apparently only 1 other person on the STO Forums was having this issue. so its probably something they won't even look into and I'm certain you'll be able to get on fine.
You say that but clearly you haven't been around for my lag saga lately.

I've experienced a fair amount of lag and a crash while I was just trying to look up my gear to update my skill planner... that said, I can't imagine it has anything to do with Cryptic. If you're noticing some problems, maybe you need to take a long, hard look at yourself before you go pointing fingers. ;P

I didn't program the game and have done extensive troubleshooting on my own end. Nothing more I can do.

I have problems only when I try to start game, error info says that my GPU (Intel HD integrated on laptop) driver crashed because of DX11 (although I've set DX9 in game as default because my graphic chip doesn't support DX11), but every other game I play has no problems.
Only solution I've found is to put mark on "Safe Mode" in game update client options, but then I need to set back to normal video settings manually in game (in Safe Mode it starts as 600x480 window).
I had that problem and I went into the Perfect World folder: [C:/Program Files(x86)/Perfect World Online/Arc and run ArcRepair. It will have to download a 3-10 gb patch to repair it. Once it finished the patch downloaded fine. And then talking to support they told me how to do this. There is a ticket submitted on their support site with the information that fully explains what it will do when you do this. Not sure of the link but will look for it and post it as soon as I find it.

It's patching! I un-installed the whole game and re-installed it. Hoping it patches all the way. Fingers crossed! Too bad I have tango practice tonight.
im still getting the black screen at my captain selection screen......going insane cant play

this is me after running under admin and safe mode

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