No more multiple Ancient Omni-Direction Anti-Proton Beam Array
Hello everyone,

just a quick heads-up. With today's patch, you can no longer have multiple Ancient Omni-Directional Anti-Proton Beam Arrays of different Levels on your Ships. If you have them already equipped, then you are fine as they will not be removed. However, once you do remove them, you can't put them back.

Of course, you can still add a crafted Omni-Directional Anti-Proton Beam Array to it.

Quote:Players may no longer equip two different "Ancient Omni-Directional Beam Array" by Upgrading one and leaving the other un-Upgraded.
Only one of this weapon is intended to be equipped at a time.
Players that have more than one currently equipped will not have their items removed, but will be unable to replace them if removed for any reason.

The ancient beam does turret level damage while the crafted does omni beam level damage which is higher; if anything I would have expected them to do a nerf where you couldn't use them at all together. This seems like more of a bug fix.

I never took advantage of this as on most of my ships, I used Omni, Ancient and KCB but for those that do. Don't unequip lol
I rarely try these bugs out before they go away... Maybe because it feels like you're not supposed to or something; some weird, irrational sense of shame, perhaps? That said, I'm very happy I got to dance around outside of ESD before they fixed that.

Everyone, please be aware that contrary to what is written in the Patch notes, the un-upgraded Ancient Omni-Directional Beam Array WILL be removed, IF you also have an upgraded one installed on your Ship!

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