Hanger pet icons
Quickly went through the list of hanger pets, these are the ones I found that are missing icons:
  • Castroi fighters
  • Nusuti heavy fighters
  • Power siphon drones
  • Tachyon drones
  • Qaw'Dun BoPs
  • Qulash frigates
  • Oschu shuttles
  • Mobulai frigates
  • Yellowstone runabout
Is any help needed getting icons for any of those? I should be able to do some screen caps of some of them if need be.
As long as the icons do not have the quality on them (white, green, etc.) then I can use them. I might have them but I'm not sure.

No quality? Mmm. Not sure that's possible to find, in game. Pretty sure they all start at rare blue quality these days.
Can't help then if you need pics with no quality on them.
Not a problem. Thanks.

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