How do you like your HUD, sir?
is it just me, or is the default HUD very cluttered?

after seeing a few screen shots from other players it made me wonder, how do other players like to set up their HUD?
screen shots + your opinions on Pros/Cons of your personal HUD configuration would be great.

P.S. I just had an extra thought... not everyone uses a standard keyboard.... how much does your keyboard effect your HUD arraignment?

this topic may not belong in the Fleet section. Mods, please feel free to move this to a more suitable place.
Dont worry, your post is fine here Smile

A problem you may find with configurations as well, is peoples screen sizes!! My main computer used a 24" screen, and my laptop is 15.6" so when I log on either things are noticeably different Tongue
24"?? wow that's bigger than our first TV. LOL! (20")
I have the same problem between my desktop monitor, my laptop's native monitor, and the TV. The trick I find is to place the most important parts of the interface in the corners. So I have my chatbox in the bottom left, which pretty much ensures it will be there not matter the resolution.

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