"Can't Transfer Character" bug
Hey guys,

I had this problem with my Klingon character since yesterday - it appears that i am trapped in sector space - Pi Canis Sector. Anything that requires loading a new screen, i get disconnected with the error " Cannot Transfer Character".

I tried restarting the game, transwarping, changing/decreasing my Video preferences ( as was suggested by other peeps) and every trick i saw on other forums/wiki's but to no avail. I have asked for support from a GM but havent heard from them yet.

I've only been playing for 4 weeks - i kinda like the game so i already invested in my toons by buying Crytpic points ($100). I know that's nothing compared to most guys but it is a lot for me. But now, i'm kinda regretting playing this game - i should have sticked with WOW - but I'm always a trekkie so it does hurt a bit not to be able to play my Klingon Sad .

Anyway, if there's any of you who can help - i would really appreciate it.

Trekkie from NZ
Hi Chris,

A GM finally actioned my request for help. I believe my character was kinda caught in limbo between loading screens. Anyway all is sorted now (after 24hrs) - not bad for a freemium game.

Trekkie from NZ

PS. I'm interested in joining your fleet - nice to be around guys who are expert on this game.
Just hit anyone in fleet up in game. Attilio or any of the other Flag Officers are your best bet for an invite.
Joining our fleet is really easy. Send an in-game mail message to @greasemonkey98 and I'll get you squared away. You can also send a message to @Attilio, or @Jstagg for an invite, they are the leaders of the fleet, but I'd rather not bug them with something like this Smile

In all honesty, any member of the fleet can invite to the fleet, but the Flag Officers are probably your best bet.
Field Admiral
STO Academy Fleet
I had this bug on my new fed char as well, it's not just a klink thing. My issue resolved itself after a few times logging out and back in though.

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