Looking for a Romulan Science Build
First off, I can craft the PEPs, among other folks, and I've been keeping my R&D slots fairly open lately, so just hit me up in game and let's get this done.
Edit: you may want to check cost of components against cost of the PEP before handing me components, though... R&D weekend could've thrown some of the valuation of things off

Since you don't have the leech, stick with the PGen consoles, but still consider an Exotic Particle Field Exciter... though, the plasma damage is so nice. On that note, it makes sense, when you have the resources, to try to take those sci consoles Epic. The plasma damage boost is significant.

As far as the mods go, I think CrtDx2 Pen is pretty comparable to CrtDx3 and, perhaps (if marginally), preferable in some places. You can read more on it here:

However you cut up these slightly different numbers, I don't think it's worth the expense to go for a x3 instead of a x2/Pen

Something else I was thinking about today as I was crafting beams, because my weapons will not be my primary source of damage I was thinking about going with different mods.  The first idea that came to mind is accx2/snare, increases the odds of a hit to apply the disruptor debuff and a chance to reduce the targets speed and turn rate.  I'll get the stuff for the trop together when my fabrication engineers are done with the mission they are on right now.

I have a feeling that with the right mix of consoles and boff abilities this toon might do more DPS than my main if I don't invest a lot more time and resources in it.
Wish I had looked at the exchange first, torp is less than 1 million EC, but I'll have everything for it in about a half hour.  It's no hurry since I'm not ready for the torp yet but I'll have the stuff ready so that sometime when we're both on I can give it to you.  Next I need to start experimenting with Secondary Deflectors and figure out what mods I want.
I've got good projectiles skill and can craft a PEP for you.

That's an interesting thought... was looking back at your build and, yeah, without FAW, accuracy is an issue... but that makes me think that it makes the most sense to mess with torps across the board with one or two beams (one of them being the KCB) for subsystem targeting and whatnot. I might then also switch out the HY for TS because of the capacity to net a bunch of enemies in a GW and then let out a flurry of projectiles.

Beardy, I think, has also been messing with [Spr] torpedoes, so maybe that would let you keep the HY and still get some spreads of torpedoes out there.

Your mention of going with a more torp focused build reminded me of a torp boat I saw the other day that could be adapted to this build.  Take a look at the changes I made to the Voth science ship.  It's going to take awhile to get all the Dyson marks I would need for this build but I think this might be my build.
I really like this toon so far but oh my god STF's are torture right now.  Bosses are easy, I just hit them with my debuffs and the rest of the team finishes them off, but it takes to long to kill trash mobs and then I die.  Hopefully battle zones will be easier since I need Dyson and Counter-Command marks right now.

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