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Ground *Dusts of Armor and Weapons* "Let's do this"
6 60.00%
Ground *Shrugs* "maybe, dunno, whatever..."
0 0%
Ground *Runs away screaming* "NOOOOOOES"
4 40.00%
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Blackthorns Ground King Of The Ring Tournament
That was the goal of war games as well.

I would like to take a moment to address a few things that keep coming up in this thread,

Training and the not banning of items. I will also address the questions towards lock box traits, gear, spec trees

Now as most know since my return to the game i have been calling out in stoa chat for a challenger for what i tend to call the dwarf test, now it has been claimed by some folks that i only do ground pvp for my ego and questioning the way that i do things in regards to ground pvp. To clarify i do not i repeat do not do ground pvp to satisfy my ego i do it to help people improve their ground abilities (sounds stupid does it not). The test itself is based on how does my counter part adapt to the challenge ahead, yes i'm an engineer and yes i can do bunker style pvp which is the whole point to the test, find a way to get past the defense and take me out after the match up i try to go through the match with the person and i give them my feedback and my suggestions for improvements. if the person learned something be it even the slightest thing then i'm a happy dwarf i could care less bout the score line. But if a person starts to give crap about "gay camping" or what other infantile insults and mindsets they can come up with well frankly they are not worth my time because clearly they didn't take anything from the matchup.

Plz note that engis do not only bunker up in ground pvp they can hunt as well as they can bunker Tongue

Tr Rifles, Zefram shotgun and Pen.
Keep seeing so much about not to start the banning of items so i will try to put in terms that should be clear for all why i'm an advocate for having these not being used so here goes.

Tact using tr rifle in pvp goes something like this: Battle strategies+Rally cry+Motivation+Ambush+Gambling device Tact gets in range Aims uses sniper = roughly 800ish-1200 crit dmg which is an instant kill.
Rinse repeat
Fun for some boring for others 
challenging i don't think so

Sci/engi using tr rifle in pvp goes something like this: gambling device get in range aim use sniper = succesfull crit dmg 400-900ish dmg . if min dmg fires a second shot, counter part dead
rinse repeat
fun for some boring for others 
challenging not really

Counters for tr rifle = no counter for pen on ground to my knowledge

plz do take note that the dmg numbers all depend on how many points in weapons proficiency one has.

Lock box traits:
This one made me laugh a bit because most of the lock box traits that are being recommend for ground usage by the dps channels are traits that work via the stacking mechanics which works fine for pve but horrible horrible for pvp. You do not want a trait that is based on you hitting something X amounts of times for it to be at its strongest yet only to loose it after your counter part is dead. For ground pvp the basic personal traits and rep traits are more than enough and do a hell of a job.

Gear equality:
valid question But doesnt really mean that much unless you have the points in the skill to strengthen that armor or weapon, most people these days tend to spot a 66k ground build because that's all they need for ground pve, well for pvp that aint enough it's doable but your always gonna fall short vs an opponent with a better ground skill setup with a min of 80k points invested due to how the trickle mechanism works for ground skills and the fact that for ground pvp you need to have a build that is versatile meaning it can use more than just one set kit, adapting is key to ground pvp

Spec Trees:
This one was a bit hard because it comes down to play style, i recall my first pvp matchup when i returned to the game was against a full intel person i meet on zone we chatted a bit bout pvp and just had a go at it for fun. i had zero points in any tree yet i still won that match so it really comes down to the person behind the toon when it comes to spec trees in my humble opinion.

Title of the thread:
well the thread needed a title i could have called "Mud fight Tournament" or something else honestly king of the ring was the first that came to mind, it's meant to be for those who want to give pvp a go. But personally for me the title i picked has a nice ring to it and also how cool would it not be if someone totally new to pvp would go on to win the entire thing if it ever will amount to anything but like i said i could have named it something totally different but this was the first that came to mind.

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Alright I think what needed to be said has been said. I'm going to close this thread for now and discuss everything with BT.

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