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Ground *Dusts of Armor and Weapons* "Let's do this"
6 60.00%
Ground *Shrugs* "maybe, dunno, whatever..."
0 0%
Ground *Runs away screaming* "NOOOOOOES"
4 40.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Blackthorns Ground King Of The Ring Tournament
To Beardy's point about not banning tactics... we've kind of talked about this b/c, among other things, those mortars and weapons malfunction are both a trip and a half and, BT, you've offered to do without them on numerous occasions. However, I think it's more *fun* to try to figure out ways around certain kits, tactics, etc., rather than ban them in the name of "fairness"...

Now, if there are decent prizes, I might change my tune, lol, but, for now, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

The real fun of PvP is that it's so challenging... taking away some things (say, the TR) which folks may not be able to afford *may* make sense, but banning tactics or types of kits... I propose a counter-solution: that, if OP tactics rear up, we actively converse and strategize about how to undermine those tactics... because the game mechanics are so loose and changing and complicated and overlapping that you know there's *some* way, lol...

Back to the weapons malfunction... if BT didn't keep cutting my hands off, I never would've learned the true power of large power cells.

Well, since I can't really stand PvP in general, and even more so on the ground I don't feel I should vote on this. I will say however; I would love to see that little blue dwarf dethroned just once lol. I think we all love you BT, but you're an evil little thing!
(04-27-2015, 04:33 PM)robonixon Wrote: I also agree that banning tactics is not a good idea, only because enforcement of this leads to arguing which leads to hurt feelings which leads to no PVP. Trust us when we say this has happened before Smile

how hard is it for people to leave toys in inv if said "do not use" ?? , and the Tr rifle zefram shotty now these 2 items unbalance pvp let alone the fact that some might not even have one but lets just for the sake argument say that both have a tr then it comes down to who has the higher crit value and who can hypo faster or heal up faster not but if ure ground hp is low and u get crit for around 800dmg or more in ground pvp then where is the fun or challenge. so thus the ban on those has to be fair and fun and challenging for everyone, mortars with their ability to shoot thru walls well again it depends on the player but i have no problem saying that it cant be used and that being an engi as main toon.
bottom line i really don't see why people keep having a problem with the fact that i'm trying to increase the challenge factor and thus fun factor of ground pvp by "eliminating" the use of those 2 weapons which imo shouldn't even have been introduced into the game at all but that's just my take on those 2 weapons 
But sofar from the looks of things the nay sayers r growing in numbers.
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You may not think it will be a problem, but don't assume everyone else will share your opinion. People do stupid things in pursuit of victory.

Like I said, feel free to host it but trust us when we say it has caused problems in the past. Trying to hold a fair contest in a broken system full of imperfections is like trying to carry water to your house from the well when the only tool you have is a sieve.

(04-27-2015, 04:16 PM)Kenthend Wrote: Maybe before jumping right into a tourney you should give classes for those that have no idea of what to do in PVP. You could go over what counters what, tactics, etc. After ward have the people in the class be in the tourney. As for banning items, I am never a fan of that but that's just me

I agree with this. I want pvp to happen both on space and ground and teaching folks is really what our fleet is about.

Though the other Admirals are right that we have tried before and sore losers have decimated what could have been a good time. Space pvp has helped me make builds where space battles in missions take seconds. Here's hoping ground pvp can help me do the same for the ground missions. It would make grinding them less of a hassle.
We banned certain things in war games to do just that bt, however the arguments that were caused and stirred from it were catastrophic. I am incredibly concerned that this will only happen again, especially with the bugs that were encountered.
I wont stop any hosting, just be very careful, i do not want to see the playerbase canibalised again
BT, I think this is a interesting (by that I mean controversial) but very good idea... Smile

I would be happy to give this a go, especially when recently ground has made a comeback in STOA. I can understand the senior officer's criticism, skepticism and caution, but recently the atmosphere around ground has been more well received and gives me more inclination that people are less likely to get upset losing which is why I must overwhelmingly vote yes. 
( hint hint- just look at the PVE elite ground squad LINK- http://forum.stoacademy.com/showthread.p...4#pid19624) , 

For example, BT absolutely massacred all of us roughly 15-0, and I don't think that anyone reacted badly to it. In fact people like Puck and jamesbryce ( and me hopefully later) have learned so much for the experience of getting wiped that they have vastly improved and are now causing BT some serious problems and there have been no arguments, just peer feedback that has led to a fun challenge.

So, I think it is time that( (judging by the reacting here) we should break this 'taboo' around ground and we should give this the all clear because I think that we have moved forward on this and ground in STOA has been neglected for too long until recently. Obviously, if things become heated then we would cancel the rest of the event, but something tells me that this won't happen now... Angel



p.s Ah about the mortars... Please don't ban them...They are my only hope for actually beating someone at this.... Blush
I may be new to the world of pvp here in STOA, but I've done some work on it in the past. I stopped after being reported as a cheater. I didn't think I would try it again but you all are just so much fun to run with. But after losing to both puck and bt I see I need to improve. I would agree that if people lose and through a fit then stop the event. But in all fairness I say let's have a go at it. The only way to get better is to lose, otherwise you can't learn. I can't find the poll on my phone, but my vote is yes.

Play hard learn harder!
The poll won't show up in your phone; it doesn't in mine.

Also 'Play hard learn harder' is a great phrase.

I have to agree with some of the other Admirals on certain points. The War Games were a very messy and dark time for the fleet. Perhaps not everyone saw the worst of it but those of us in charger certainly did.

I think the idea is great and by all means go ahead and do it. My suggestion, don't ban anything. At the first sign of people causing even the slightest bit of trouble, let one of the Admirals know. You know my door... uhh inbox... is always open Smile

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