Super speedy PVP ship
Yesterday I saw 1 guy (PVP) on escort and he has super speedy ship.

I was dealing 0 DPS because I couldn't hit him! All the time I saw message "miss". wow!

So here're my questions:
HOW he was doing that?!?!!
Why was I missing all the time?
And how can I create that kind of build? I really want that!

Looking forward to see your answers!
I've done something like this (pre-pilot spec) with the Aegis set, APO, and the EPtE Evasive Maneuvers cool down doff on an Armitage. With the right gear swaps you can get your defense running around 125-130% which makes you tough to hit. Not impossible though. Pilot/Intel specs and all of the traits added since then may make this more doable.

There's a specific console that's got high evasion... Don't ask me what it is, 'cos I don't remember. Might've been a rep item. I ran a Recon Science Vessel(?) that was almost untouchable, but was kind of annoying to actually use because I had to come to an almost complete stop to shoot torps or dual beams. RCS + Evasion Console (whatever it was) + beam and torp consoles + an armor thingy + a bunch of shield boosts and a rep science console thingy.

With just T4 ships, Patrol Escort's your best hope, probably with one of the specialized Combat Engines from the rep systems. Plus, there's a few traits that increase your evasion bit by bit. With T5 (fleet, at least), I'm pretty sure there's a fleet ship with a better base stat for it. The new escorts are all pretty good with turn rate and evasion and like robonixon mentioned, the Pilot ships (and the abilities, too) are there for the express purpose of being fancy-flying and hard to hit.
Thanks everyone for answers!

I also have found the answer for my question.
So here what I use now:
1) Emergency power to engines 1 and 2
2) Evasive maneuver
3) 100 power on weapons/ and 70 power on engine/ shield and aux rest
4) Emergency Conn Hologram ( that dramatically reduce CD of evasive maneuver when I use EPtE 1 or 2)
5) Borg engine
I've notice that there is no point to use A2B on my build because I easily can double every skill I need.

this is ship I fly. I finally have ship of my dream. I have speed and damage Smile
What is good in this build that I don't need to waist 1 console slot for plasmotic leech Big Grin
You can also fly a carrier and use the doff which grants a defense bonus while your pets are in Recall mode (that was another reason I used the Armitage above)


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