Where no one has gone before..
So I had an interesting little adventure on New Romulus today and thought I'd share it with the entire fleet.

As I'm sure most anyone who has been to New Romulus is aware, there is what appears to be a Reman portion to New Romulus Command, set far below the level of the Staging Area, lit in a cool shade of blue, and only visible from quite a distance.

While I was running around the Atlai portion of the map collecting water samples, tagging baby nanovs, etc, I decided to take a jump off the waterfall at the northern end of the river purely on a whim. Imagine my surprise when, instead of hitting the normal invisible barrier, I took a very looooong fall down the waterfall to a much lower and usually inaccessible portion of the map.

After a few moments of running around just for fun, I realized that I might be able to get closer to that mysterious lower level of New Romulus Command. So I ran, ran, and ran until I turned a corner and there it was.

I did my best to get as close as I could, but the walls were too steep to climb much further. I apologize for the large size of my character in the shots, but to get the best perspective, I had to slew the camera around and being so close to the walls, it zoomed in very closely on my toon. I'm no screenshot expert like Chris is, but here are the best ones I could get.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek!
These are great! I wish that part of the planet was open >.<
Might have to bring my kitty there and see if the extra hump power could make

Opps: Meant Jump Power not hump power: although I did make this vid (make sure to turn on sound)

"Hump power"


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