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Quick Links:
The Path to 2409 / The Lore of the Empire

Volume 10 (Click to View)
Volume 11 (Click to View)
Volume 12 (Click to View)
Volume 13 (Click to View)
Volume 14 (Click to View)
Volume 15 (Click to View)
Volume 16 (Click to View)
Volume 17 (Click to View)
Volume 18 (Click to View)
Volume 19 (Click to View)
Volume 20 (Click to View)
Volume 21 (Click to View)
Volume 22 (Click to View)
Volume 23 (Click to View)
Volume 24 (Click to View)
Volume 25 (Click to View)
Volume 26 (Click to View)
Volume 27 (Click to View)
Volume 28 (Click to View)
Volume 29 (Click to View)
Tour the Galaxy

With the fall of the Sector Space Walls, "Tour the Galaxy" has changed fundamentally. There are several apporaches to master "Tour the Galaxy" (sorted in order of LY's travelled):

Strategy: Transwarp to Defera (1018.9 LYs) (Click to View)
Strategy: Transwarp to Sol (1033.8 LYs) (Click to View)
Strategy: Transwarp to Deep Space Nine (1034.1 LYs) (Click to View)
Strategy: Transwarp to Beta Quadrant (1039.3 LYs) (Click to View)
Strategy: Transwarp to Starbase K7 (1041.6 LYs) (Click to View)
Strategy: Transwarp to Starbase 39 Sierra (1042.6 LYS) (Click to View)
Strategy: Tellar -> Teneebia (1056.3 LYs) (Click to View)
Strategy: Teneebia -> Tellar (1062.4 LYs) (Click to View)
Strategy: Orion -> Chapel (1065.6 LYs) (Click to View)
Strategy: Risa -> Betazed (1066.0 LYs) (Click to View)

More details including Map illustrations can be found here.
Puzzle: A fistful of Gorn

Override the Main Satellite. The correct selections are:
  • 1st number: 5
  • 2nd number: 10
  • 3rd number: 20
  • 4th number: 40
Puzzle: Cold Comfort

A. Help the Patient on Table 7
  • The correct analgesic is: Bicaridine

B. Help the Patient on Table 3
  • The correct anaesthetic is: Anetrizine

C: Interrogate Tran
The correct selections are:
  • What are you doing here?
  • What does attacking a civilian Transport have to do with the Breen expansion?
  • go to the first cell you see when entering and enable acoustic dampening field, then return to Tran and continue.
  • Your Commanding Officer cannot hear what we are saying.
  • Did you object to your Commanding Officer about this assignment?
  • Do you beliebe that the goal you are attempting to achieve was worth killing civilians?
  • Did you have an option that didn't involve attacking the Deferi?
  • So your mission wasn't just to kill the Deferi on this Ship?
  • Why did you do this? What information did the Deferi have that you needed so badly?
  • Would the probed Deferi know what memories were being searched?
  • How do we remove the implant?
  • Continue.
Puzzle: Coliseum

Rewiring Relic
For hacking the pass code on the Satellite, you will be asked to solve a series of math questions.

The correct answers are:
  • 1268+3211=44A9 (A=7)
  • 4528-2974=1B54 (B=5)
  • 59*49=28C1 (C=9)
  • 2613/67=3D (D=9)
  • (87*23)+2631=4AB2 (A=6, B=3)
  • (9986-2461)/43=CD5 (C=1, D=7)
  • (6362-5634)+(54*68)=ABCD (A=4, B=4, C=0, D=0)
Puzzle: Emancipation

KDF-aligned Players have no other choice but to pay the 1,000 GPL to rescue the Deferi.

For Federation-aligned Players, here are the correct selections:
  • Onscreen
  • Ask about Deferi lifesigns
  • Continue
  • Continue
  • Suggest a trade
  • Don't pay Gold-Pressed Latinum
  • Offer something else
  • Continue
  • Find another option
  • Analyse Risks
  • Attempt Deflector pulse
  • Fire the Pulse
  • Transport Deferi
Puzzle: Everything old is new again

A. Find a Planck Regulator. The correct sequence is:
  1. Disconnect Power
  2. Touch Static Discharge Plate
  3. Unlock Safety Cage
  4. Remove Computor Monitor

B. Help Dr. McCoy pioneer a Neural Rejuvenation Procedure. The correct settings are:
  • Set the voltage for the resting potential to -70mV
  • Set the voltage for the action potential to +30mV
  • Set the sodium-potassium channel states to: sodium external, potassium external and internal
Puzzle: Installation 18

Mine Data for Password. The correct selections are:
  • Admin = Epsilon
  • Read = 13
  • Write = 3
  • Access = 337
Puzzle: Nequencia Alpha System Patrol

Trade Manual Sealing Steam Bolts to receive Plasma Conversion Sensors: (Click to View)
Trade Reel of Fiber Optics to receive Plasma Coolant: (Click to View)
Trade Isomagnetic EPS Conduit to receive Plasma Manifold: (Click to View)

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