*OLD* Elite STF Ground Squad- Into the Hive Elite *OLD*
First off, thanks, Jack, for putting this together and getting the ball rolling.

Next, I just want to echo folks' sentiments not to take it as rudeness when folks carry on another conversation without responding. I'm not sure if an event was created for this one (I don't think so), but we could, perhaps, do more to promote the training runs... I mean, try to get more than 5 folks, so we're guaranteed five. Let me know if there's something I can do.

I can't do tomorrow, most probably, but I will look into what I could schedule and/or just try to put together some ad hoc teams in chat (like the one James organized last night - thank you).

Quote:BT sure is good at what he does, but even in the past, he had no trouble, so I know for a fact that isn't why he's "retired"

I think Jack was referring to how hard it is to get people to sign into a ground queue, not how hard to queues are themselves.

Quote:In regards to #2 what about intel/command powers?
Two thoughts here... 1. if you can confuse or otherwise misdirect the Queen, she might walk off the edge (bad) and 2. yesterday, I remember someone using Incite Chaos and, sometimes, the "incited" borg would shoot one of us and we'd lose control... so I'd be careful with skills like that.

Hi all,  

   Sorry about that... I was quite frustrated earlier waiting so long after 2 cryptic bugs...  Blush

If people can't make it tomorrow then the earliest that I can do this then is next friday at 6 45 BST or saturday...

As I said though, BT, puck or anyone who went through GHN or ( is that the short code? or is it IHN?) is welcome to try to assemble a team 
( good luck... with that...)

Hi guys, I would like to direct anyone reading this to this thread on ground pvp. Please give your thoughts ( and preferably support) 


Would be good practice for IHE
Hi team,

Was wondering if saturday at 3pm BST would be ok for anyone. If not then the original time of 5pm BST would be ok as well.

(12-28-2015, 09:57 PM)aaaict Wrote: whoops TP this is the old one, could it be merged into the new one by any chance?
Moved the correct to Fleet Groups Arrow Accolade & Commendation Hunters and will close this one.

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