*OLD* Elite STF Ground Squad- Into the Hive Elite *OLD*
Ok then, wow things have made progress

so if I got that right, in the team

name                      profession                                                               timezone (location)
@aaaict-                 fed bunker engineer                                                    BST (UK)
@puckalish-            fed offensive science-                                                   EDT(?)-unconfirmed
@garretwescott83???-  please post your @handel, timezone and profession.         unknown
@jstagg(?) -           please  post profession ?? ?                                              BST(UK)
@blackthorn(?)-      fed eng                                                                       CET (Denmark)

(?) denotes not explicitly confirmed for team- please do confirm to those concerned
? denotes unknown info



looking good guys, if we can get this sorted we can have a practice session this weekend. Will try to find a time that suits all...
USA central
You got me right. Eastern U.S. Fed Sci Offensive/Stun... Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Jack!

OK so we have the following time zones...

BST(=CET)   - @Jstagg, @aaaict, @blackthorn
[email protected]
[email protected]@garretwescott83

So I would suggest 4pm BST(CET) on Saturday 26th April for a practice session then, please let me know if this suits you. This time is...

4pm BST=  4pm -CET
                 10am -CT 

If this doesn't work, I hour later would also work for me as well. Please let me know if this works for everyone.

That works for me.

I won't be available for that time slot. Feel free to fill the gap if you need to Smile
That works. Glad it's only a practice run the only elites I've done wad ise predelta and undine infiltration.
Don't want to be a smart-ass here, but I need to clear things up. While it is factual correct, that BST is identical to CET (both UTC+1), Britain and Central Europe are never on the same time. While the UK is currently on BST (UTC+1), Central Europe is on CEST aka "Central European Summer Time" (UTC+2). Just saying. Wink
Here is a video walk-through of Hive Ground Elite (post-delta-rising version) some might find useful for preparation (I edited the link so that it starts where he plays through HGE...that's why the video starts at min 29).

Good hunting, it's not an easy one Smile
Thanks for those, Florian... Something to check out while awaiting Season 10.

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