How to improve phaser damage?
My current build.
Looking for ideas how to improve phaser damage.
I use Andorian Charal for Andorian tactical captain.
First off, you're probably going to get far better advice than mine, as I haven't played around with cannon builds at all, really, or tactical-heavy builds...

That said, if you're going to be sticking with cannons, I would definitely get the Counter-Command Ordnance 2-piece (Heavy Bio-Molecular Phaser Turret and Hydronamics Compensator).

It's very helpful to know how your captain's skills are set up... as well as what Active DOffs you have and what Space Traits your BOffs have to better tune things, as well... they can make a significant impact. You can just write them down in the notes or description in the build, too, so it's all in one place.

Also, from what I understand, you can't be as lazy about your flying with cannons as with beams, due to both the damage fall-off and the narrow range of fire, so that may figure in (though you may already be accounting for it)...

Well, I don't have any advice specifically for phasers.  One thing I would look at however is adding two copies of emergency power to weapons if at all possible.  Energy drain is a problem with any weapon, but with cannons its especially important to keep your energy levels up.  The cheapest way to do that is emergency power to weapons.  If you have about 50 million ec laying around collecting dust I'd also look into getting a plasmonic leach.  If you have the fleet credits and dilithium available I'd also look into replacing your science consoles with embassy consoles with +plasma.  The plasma explosion can add a significant amount of damage to your hits.  Beside that just keep working on upgrading your tac consoles.  You get a pretty nice bump from MK XII to MK XIV.
I wrote a big long post that includes the sets which boost certain damage types here:

As of right now only the Counter-Command space weapons set boosts phaser damage in terms of rep set gear. However as with your Scimi build you posted, you could also use the Nukara shields and deflector to gain its set bonus for increased energy damage. I will check out the rest of this build later tonight and edit my feedback accordingly.

Edit: I would dump the Andorian wing phaser cannon and the console. As much as they may be thematically appropriate they are not as effective. As suggested I'd add the counter-command phaser turret rear and the Hydrodynamics Compensator in place of your Andorian console for the set damage boost. In place of the wing cannons I would actually consider running a DBB phaser with CrtDx3 if you can afford it or perhaps a CrtDx2 CrtHx2 so that you can slot Beam Overload, which will significantly help DPS especially if you have any of the energy doffs who grant shield penetration on beam overload hits. When using cannons running APO3 and CRF2 will actually deliver more damage over time than CRF3/APO1 so I would also swap your skills accordingly there. APD is useless so ditch that for another copy of APO if you don't have doffs to lower your attack pattern cool down, so you can run APO more often as it increases not only damage but your defense and resists. I would probably only run one copy of CRF and one copy of CSV so that you can slot BO. Ditch whatever that engineering console is for a Fleet Neutronium as you will need it in this ship Smile

Finally as stated above upgrade your tac consoles. It is actually not too expensive to get the fleet consoles to XIV as long as you aren't chasing the rarity upgrade to Epic as well, and you may get lucky on one or two of those. As much fun as the phaser point defense is as well, you would get more DPS following martinison's suggestion on the fleet embassy plasma consoles.

Okay, Thanks everyone for responds!  
And instead of the wing cannons I will put DBB. Perhaps it would be nice to take [CrtD]x2[Over] DBB, wat say you?
Also i was thinking to remove science Boff and put engineer to be able to put EPW1 and 2
About Doffs:
I don't  use them on that ship because I don't know wich one I need.
I will attach them right away to this build.
Here we go, new version of escort
You should keep your science boff and remove tractor beam in favor of Hazard Emitters, and remove EPtE on your engineer boff in place of EPtW1. You don't have the luxury of running two copies of EPtW on this escort because of the seating; having to give up any Sci powers is a bad idea and you will be more survivable this way especially in PVE. I'd also suggest moving your beam to the first weapon slot so that when your overload fires it is going to have the highest power in your cycle.

Doffs: there are energy weapon officers who will grant your beam overload a chance to grant increased shield penetration on hit which are definitely damage friendly. Otherwise get cannon cool down improvement doffs and whatever else you feel like slotting. Cool down on Engineering or Science team might be helpful since you've only got one copy of each, or increased RSP duration.

Like Beardy said, there are many options available for doffs.  Even if they don't do anything for your dps, you should be able to find some that will help in some manner, be it survivability or increased speed...  Anything is better than nothing, so long as it applies to your build in some manner.
In my experience with all of the Andorian escort variants I'd recommend defensive boosts; the ships are glass cannons no matter what but some glass is stronger than others. Smile

Some possible DOffs for you (including Beardy's suggestions above):
Conn Officer DOff/s to reduce Attack Pattern Cool Downs
Conn Officer DOff/s to reduce Tactical Team CDs
Energy Weapons DOff/s to reduce Rapid Fire and Scatter Volley CDs
Maintenance Engineer - reduce CD on Engineering Team
Dev Lab Scientist - reduce DC on Sci Team

(if you stack a couple VRs of, say the Attack Pattern (or TT, for that matter) cats, as Beardy mentioned, you could drop one of your APOs for another tac skill and still chain it)

There's more, too, depending on what you want to do, but, just to summarize a bit of what you want to go for in DOffs. You must check the tooltip to make sure they give you the right advantage, because there are several variants of each DOff.

Ditto on the Fleet engineering consoles thing... the added bonus is critical.
I wonder if Neutronium is the best thing for you, though... because of the cannons' narrow firing arc, I might go for the Fleet RCS consoles with +AllRes or something.

Again, never flown a cannon escort, but it just seems that you'd want a fast ship with the tight turning radius if you want to pour in the punishment.

Edit: Listen to Beardy on this one... Fleet Neutronium


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