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I have what feels like a silly question, but I can't seem to find any setting or explanation for it.  I just upgraded my ship from a Tier 5 Reconnaissance Science Vessel to a T5-U Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit.  One thing that changed is that the ship in the HUD went from a green, ship-specific shape to a blue, generic ship shape.  Does anyone know how to change this?  I attached a picture of what the ship in the HUD currently looks like.


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There is no change to this that I know of. Perhaps you just need a simple re-log or just restart the game. Nothing too serious though Smile
Yeah nothing can be done. It all depends on what settings Cryptic has. Frankly I never paid attention to what icon is displayed. For all I know it could be the death star LOL

Haha, indeed.  Just for fun, I did a little more digging and it appears there is some internal reference missing (so it defaults to the generic blue ship).  I completely closed and restarted the game (w/Force Verify) as well as tried switching out ships.  When switching back, I noticed there is not an icon for the ship (it is just a white square). (Character Status Screen) (Change Active Ship Screen)

Weird, huh?  Either way, not a critical issue - just a curiosity.

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