Killing time for patch
 Just passing time while they fix cold storage for delta Borg

 Might not be the correct place for this but one thing I have always thought STO (Cryptic) should do is to rework the drop system (PVE Drops).

Phaser Weapon Tech should come from the races that use those weapons, No reason why a federation kill should drop plasma anything (there isn't any plasma tech on the ship)


I think you all should get the idea.
 Main draw-back I see if they do try this I can easily see them making it so no drops at all (bugged), lets face it we all know they don't test as much as they should.
I'm not sure anyone would care much as the drops are mostly vendor trash anyhow.  Now, if they actually dropped some things worthwhile, say a MK XIV very rare beam with crdx3, then I could see that.  Even then though, most people would want to sell the stuff on the exchange in which case it still wouldn't matter that much what type they are getting.  On top of that, not everyone playing that race wants to use that weapon type.
It would all be vendor trash if that was the case - not many Feds kill fed npcs and not many kdfs kill kdf npcs - so you end up as a kdf with a load of phaser drops and a fed with a load of disr drops. Not so useful.

But, as it is moan to trash anyway, it would be nicer if it was so

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(04-07-2015, 02:18 PM)Monty Wrote: "not many Feds kill fed npcs and not many kdfs kill kdf npcs"

Good point it would make it hard for a fed or klingon toon to equip their factions weapons base.

I didn't think about that, and as far as the vendor trash bit, to me thats all npc drops (most the time I don't bother with hit). Its easier and faster to make creds other ways in the game other then npc drops, and with all the new content most of it isnt worth keeping unless your still leveling and then thats just to save your creds.

But thanks for the feed back good points

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