Fleet Bank (EC)
Just had an idea which I wanted to float out there...
Looking at the fleet bank tab we have an EC deposit, and it is unavailable for any one else to withdraw except for Attilio. It makes sense that it is this way, I have heard many stories of fleets being robbed of EC by unscrupulous members. 

However I think that it would be useful for many if we had potential access to another source of EC. I would imagine that some people may have tons of EC which is just sitting around and collecting dust. May I suggest that we put the fleet EC deposit to use by giving members an incentive to donate and to use it. Not only will this help out everyone, but we can also create a commendation for EC donations which would encourage people to use this new service. Obviously we can't just let anyone use the EC bank, so I would suggest having a procedure in which the people who want to withdraw from the EC bank to email Attilio and if possible, he would give them limited access to the bank. These members who have withdrawn would then be encouraged (or obliged, turning it into a loan) to repay their sum within a certain deadline. As we have hundreds of members, we can restrict the demand for this potential service by capping the numbers via ranks ( i.e. Fleet Captain or Comm. and above) which will give members an added incentive to donate and gain commendations, and also to further restrict numbers have having a monthly rota system in which a set number of qualified members have the right to request a withdraw ( or loan). 

Just wanted to float this idea out there, there are a lot of pro's and cons to this, so I hope that I won't take too much fire for this...


EDIT-  I now realize that enforcing the loan idea is nearly impossible.
Hi Jack,

Thanks for the aul suggestion Big Grin
Really there are a couple of reasons why handing out the EC in the bank isn't really feasible. Firstly, your schedule/rota idea, as great as it is, would mean that because of the amount of people in the fleet as a whole, to share it out in this way would mean that it would not beneficial to members. Now, I know there are several million in each bank, but it would only go as far as a few thousand for everyone.
Secondly, that EC is paramount for the opening of new fleets, and acquiring bank space. When a fleet is opened the fleet bank space is minimal, and upgrades need to be bought with EC. These EC requirements are incredibly expensive, and thus the EC is kept mainly for that.
In terms of incentivising (not sure thats a word but I'm going to stick to it!) it so people go out and donate to earn the commendations, but we feel that promotion in itself should be enough of an incentive for donations, and it has worked thus far.
Unfortunately, I cannot agree with the loan idea as it is not conducive to actively be debt collectors is someone doesnt pay the fleet bank. The user can easily put us on ignore or leave the fleet, we cannot force them really to hand it back over :\.

I do agree with the overall premise though, so please do keep the ideas flowing! I know I would love to hear more.
Don't forget about the Q&A forum we have open atm for the next week so you can ask us anything Smile
In addition to what James has said, we can also use the EC to buy rewards for members. Thankfully a lot of members have donated many different kinds of rewards to me which I use for the weekly prize drawings, but if that were ever to run out the fleets' EC would be a perfect way to buy useful items to give away.

If we do figure some way to become STO loan sharks, I'm down to be an enforcer. I mean, with the right scaling interest, we could really make a killing... </jokes>

Oh well... I had to give it a try. 
(04-08-2015, 03:02 PM)aaaict Wrote: Oh well... I had to give it a try. 
Keep the ideas coming though Big Grin it's just something we can't do, but if you don't buy a ticket you can't win the raffle!

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