Going AFK
Whenever we have to go afk, it must look a little like this...

Oh man, that's funny!

You know, I've always wished there was a way to set our in game status to show people we are afk, other than just saying it in chat.  Something that would give a message saying "player is afk" if someone sends you a tell at least.
If you type /dnd it sets you to "To not disturb" and let's players know when they 'tell' you Big Grin
Thanks for the tip.  I'll have to remember and use that.  What I'd really like is to have way to flag myself as AFK that would show up automatically in our status on the various lists like the roster and friends list, though I suppose I could manually type AFK in my own roster status.
Yeah that would be decent. The one thing about the /dnd command is that if you even move the mouse slightly or touch the keyboard it would reset you to available, which means you can't open a website or anything, you have to actually be away from your computer. I wish it wasn't to literal but it has its uses

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