Need help with my build

link to my ship i need so much help thanks in advance to anyone who helps me Big Grin
You need to fill out the Skills portion of the build as well please. 

I will fill out the skills when the server comes online
I can say without seeing the skills that your gear is kind of a mess. I don't think this ship can turn fast enough to make DBBs effective so you should stick to regular beam arrays. Also the torpedoes would suffer from the same issue. It will be much more effective to drop those two torps for another two regular beam arrays. Along with that drop your two tac torp consoles for phaser consoles. And most importantly: make them MkXII at least! You can get cheap whites, greens, or blues on the exchange for almost nothing. Even doing that with your existing build would do significantly more damage. Having MkII consoles on a tier 6 ship is like having empty slots there! You could probably stand to swap out all of your consoles for Fleet variants from the Mine, Spire, and Embassy once you can afford them also.


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