Cryptic making changes to Advanced PvE queues!
Cryptic have announced that they are going to start making some major changes to the Advanced PvE Queues in respect to rewards and difficulty:

From my brief look through, one thing stands out to me:
Quote:This brings us to our final major planned change and perhaps the most important – Advanced difficulty PvE queues will no longer fail for not completing the mission objectives that had previously been optional on Normal difficulty. 

These mission objectives will remain optional for Advanced difficulty and as mentioned in the paragraph above will become a greater source of rewards (to correspond to their increased difficulty to achieve with the increase in enemy level and difficulty scale).
In case that isn't clear: Losing more than 30% of your ships will no longer fail CCA. Having a Nanite Sphere repair a generator will no longer fail ISA.

I can see this having some major ramifications for some queues, especially ISA.

At least in ISA, this means that the role of a "controller" with Gravity Well or Tractor Beam Repulsors (or any other similar ability) is essentially useless.

It also means that pugging an ISA run will now be MUCH easier, as what were failure conditions no longer are. According to the post, failure conditions for Advanced Queues will now be based on time spent/progress made which potentially means that even the very worst pugs will be able to successfully finish a run without much issue.

I'm glad that Cryptic have recognised that the Advanced Queues need looking at, but I have to wonder whether this was the right way of going about it. Thoughts and opinions?

EDIT: For clarification, these changes currently only affect the Azure Nebula Rescue Queue. My comments about ISA are my own speculation!
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Please be aware that currently these changes ONLY affect "Azure Nebula Rescue". Only if the changes in ANR are well received, the changes will be implemented in the other missions as well.

Quote:To this end we are going to be trying a new system for the progression of PvE queue difficulty. As of this Thursday, March 26, the Azure Nebula Rescue (Advanced) PvE queue will be updated to reflect this new systemic change and if everything about it is well received we will be rolling out similar changes to the rest of our PvE queues.
Should have clarified that, will edit it in to the first post
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I think it will be well received IF AND ONLY IF it results in receiving at least the same reward as before.  In other words if you hit all the optionals you should receive roughly the same rewards that you currently get for completing the mission.  I'm guessing that they'll work it out that way, but if it turns out that this is a way for them to nerf the rewards then people will hate it.  I like the idea if it indeed gives the same rewards when it's all said and done since there will be no failure.  Even if you miss the optionals I expect it'll give more than the 10 marks you currently get for failure.
Personally I hate to fail PVE's due to failed optionals. With that being said though, if I go into a Advanced q with a fleet group and we fail because of a missed optional its better to discuss after as to why we failed and what we can do to not fail the next one. If your in a group the continually fails then maybe that group is not ready to be doing advanced PVE. 

I don't mean for this post to sound elitist in any way, but to tune down a PVE so its easier when there are already a normal one just doesn't make any sense to me. 

I see too often a newer player will hit 50 and want to jump into a Advanced q because they can. My attitude has been 'just because you can, doesn't mean you should' when it come to PVE. Spend time to cut your teeth on normal, know them well before jumping into a advanced q. The days of jumping into the highest diffulclty q as soon as you can are over, why bring them back.

Again I don't mean for this to sound elitist so I Apologize if it did and the above post is not intended for PUG groups. Thas a whole animal of a different color.

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