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Tactical Command Battlecrusier Review
Hello everyone,

I just recently purchased a Tactical Command Battlecruiser and wanted to do a quick review in case anyone is interested in getting the ship.

The first thing I noticed was her sleek design and elegant lines. Truly a beautiful ship and she acts like it. Moving gracefully through a battle as if everyone was there for her pleasure. Lining up hastily for a chance to be blown up by such a charismatic ship.

She boasts a good solid load out and I have included a picture(below) of a quick build. It's no perfect but It's just an example although I got CCA 1st place with her on one of her maiden voyages so it cannot be too bad. The deployable Defence platform and 6 type 8 shuttlecraft she can launch seriously increases her dps over and above what just the ship can do alone. I have found them to be highly effective in combat and a nice gift to lay at the door of the crystalline entity Rolleyes

Sadly one of the minor drawbacks is you cannot get the fleet crest on the ship yet. She is also not very customizable unless you get the three ship pack or the mega pack. At 30.00 us a ship I could only afford to get the one($37 Can.) but I am very happy I did. I am really impressed and have not regretted the purchase.


Here are a couple of screen shots of her in space Happy

Thank you for the review!
That looks like a nice ship.

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