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I am relatively new to STO and have been playing for about an hour or two per day for about 2 months.  I have been reading a lot about different builds, but it seems the general theme is increasing ones DPS is important.  I am a Level 58 Science captain with a Reconnaissance Science Vessel and am averaging about 4-5k DPS with the configuration in the link below.  I am still working through the Reputation system to get better gear/consoles.  However, am I just fundamentally limited due to the ship I am flying?  Or is it just a matter of getting fleet consoles and better weapons (VR Crtdx3 or better)?  While I am not in a fleet yet, my long term goal is to get the Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit (with a T5-U) just because I like the design of the ship.  If anyone has any feedback or thoughts, I would appreciate it.

If your ship is the ship you get as a Rear Admiral, then yes, you will be restricted, especially in a T4 science ship.

Why not join us at fleet.stoacademy.com Smile
While JStagg is correct that you're hamstrung a bit by the class of ship you're in, there are improvements you can make which will significantly increase your performance. That said, it seems like you're doing a good job with the build you've got if you're hitting 5k DPS in ISA with that.

Since you are making decent use of some sci skills, you might as well boost them... the Solanae Warp Core is pretty good for sciency stuff and is free via the A Step Between Stars mission... Also, if you're going for DPS, I'm not sure why you have a Resonating Secondary Deflector... Considering you've got GW3 and TBR slotted, I'd go with an Inhibiting Secondary Deflector, ideally with a [PrtG] modifier to further boost your exotic damage. If you were to pair the (gain, free) Solanae Shield with that, you'd get an additional buff to Shields power, though that [Cap]x2 is nice.

Also, ideally, you want Mk XIV weapons... the Mark matters more than the rarity (as long as the mods are good)... and it can be expensive to get your rarity up on weapons.

That said, if you want to shoot for great weapons, look for Mk II VRs with the mods ([CrtD]x... [Pen]) you want (if you have Beam crafting to 15 or a friend who does, which you would if you were to join STOA's Omega fleet), then throw one or two Omegas at them and see if you hit UR or Epic on the way up the marks, then (whether you got Epic or not), use Tech Upgrades to increase the mark.

It would also be helpful to know what traits your Bridge Officers have and what Active Duty Officers you have.

Again, there is a bottleneck with the ship itself... but making this ship a little tighter will set you up well when you move onto something more capable.

Also, like JStagg said, join the Star Trek Online Academy fleet! There's tons of helpful people in-fleet and, well, just generally good people...

And happy hunting!

It really is mostly dependent on gear and boffs. I can get at least 20k dps in any ship I'm in because of my mk xiv crtdx3 weapons and the fact I have 5 Superior romulan operatives
Thanks for all the feedback. I have working on increasing my Beam R&D level (currently up to 11), but I did not consider/realize that this could be done by someone else/part of a fleet. Duty Officers are currently configured for a Drake build (3 damage control engineers to reduce Emergency Power to X cooldown time). I also have a Conn Officer to reduce Tactical Team cooldown and a Gravametric Scientist to create an aftershock Gravity Well. All are Uncommon level (ideally these would be Very Rare, but still working up to that).

The STO Academy fleet sounds cool, I'll send a request to join in-game as per the website.
sounds like you've done your research! I'd love to have someone in the fleet to discuss builds with that understands that doffs are important
I suggest looking through some of these links Arrow http://forum.stoacademy.com/showthread.php?tid=2617

You might find some of the material there to be useful Smile
If you want to work on DPS I'd drop the torp for another beam array, craft or buy crtdx3 or crtdx2 with pen beam arrays, and work on getting everything upgraded to mk xvi.  Upgrading to a fleet ship and adding fleet consoles would help but you should be able to get pretty good DPS by simply refining your build.  When crafting beams craft mk ii, you can craft them faster and cheaper and upgrading from mk ii makes it more likely to increase in rarity by the time you hiy xvi.

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