Shuttle only STF's??
i was thinking about setting up some stf runs, but the catch is you can only use shuttles. we would start out only doing Infected normal, but might try the other ones just for fun. let me know what you think of this idea
I think we would all get destroyed instantly lol STFs aren't designed for shuttles. It would be fun but I doubt we would be able to complete it.

but it will be fun trying to complete it
We can try setting it up one day.

Patch notes say one is no longer able to que if in a shuttle or so I thought I read in the patch notes. Could have been somewhere else. /boo hiss :cry:

EDIT - Yeah was in todays notes
i will try doing it as a private fleet action to see if it will work that way.
well you can't even queue in a private fleet action stf when you are in a shuttle. well it would have been a fun time.
As of a recent patch, being in a shuttle whilst public or private queuing for an stf cannot happen anymore.
Well we may not be able to do it in shuttles, but perhaps we could give it a valiant try at Lt Commander and below ships because they are quite small and weak so I would think its about the same thing.

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