What is a good DPS Cruiser For Tac Captain
I've got all that gear to put on it, I just fly DomPol for PVE because I enjoy it. It is impossible to get those mods because they come with fixed from the mission when you get them AFAIK. Also, the full command set offers significant survivability benefits and increases energy damage by 33% on its own so this build can still pull 30-35k. This was more of a slapped together test to see if such a build could be viable and it most certainly was, causing me to rethink my dislike of the command ships a bit.

That makes much more sense. I was part of the test group for these ships, and came to really dislike the console set they come with; I found much better ways to get the survivability and damage boost from other things IMO. If I remember correctly, the damage boost is a Cat 1 boost, and was only actually giving ~12% from what we saw.
Ah, that is good to know then. I'll have to run a test with my usual load out (similar to yours) and see the results. Do you know since the command set is a Cat1 boost if the inspiration boost of 33% is as well?

I believe the boost from inspiration is also a Cat 1 boost, but it was giving close if not the full 33%.

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