What is a good DPS Cruiser For Tac Captain
Does anyone have any recommendation on what cruiser I should use for PVE. I tried PVP but I get destroyed in a few seconds. I like the appearance and own the "Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit T5", the "Odyssey Attack Cruiser" and the "Regent Assault Cruiser Refit".

I also have the "Tactical Presidio Command Battle Cruiser T6" and "Eclipse Intel Cruiser T6".

I am looking for something with good dps, survivability and also has a similar appearance to Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit. I not sure which cruiser to commit to.

I am still learning about STO and I would appreciate any feedback.

Well the Eclipse is a very nice damage dealing ship. Don't let the 3 tac consoles fool you. Intel abilities are quite robust. I like the tactical Command ship too but as a cruiser not as a command ship. Appearance-wise, the Presidio looks more like your Assault Cruiser. Either way you can't go wrong. Let me know if you need help with a build for either.
The Avenger does not have quite the same visual appearance but with its 5/3 weapon layout and more offensive seating can be a great damage dealer as well. The Assault Cruisers have more engineering seating if I recall which kind of limited their utility somewhat for DPS. I can also recommend the Eclipse. 

The Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit isn't great for DPS but with an Aux2Bat build it isn't bad either.  Aux2Bat builds aren't cheap because of the Doffs you need but in the right hands they can be pretty powerful.
I can say after trying out the Presidio it is a very solid ship with good DPS potential due to the command boosts you get via Inspiration. I can post up the build I made over the weekend if you are interested.

(04-21-2015, 04:32 PM)robonixon Wrote: I can say after trying out the Presidio it is a very solid ship with good DPS potential due to the command boosts you get via Inspiration. I can post up the  build I made over the weekend if you are interested.

Please post your build. I would be very interested to see it.

HMM.... This is the question for all engineers. I would recommend the fleet Avenger, which is my pride and joy. Comes with 5 forward weapons slots and can do cannons with a tac LC Boff seat, LT tac seat and universal LT seat- 3 potential tac seats on a cruiser. Once upgraded and with the right gear, you can get a hull of potentially 100k ( my one currently has 91K)  making it durable and has 4 tac slots for high DPS.

http://forum.stoacademy.com/showthread.p...1#pid19441 Here is my latest thread on it and my cannon build, suggestions are of course welcome. 

With that being said though, it does not look that similar to the Regent or sovereign class ( poor Enterprise E) and the presidio fleet version when it comes out could make it redundant. I have not flown the new battle cruisers, but they look nice and have a much more similar look to the sovereign class. But they don't have 5 forward weapons slots though and only 1 tac seat ( but has 2 cmdr command/eng seats.)..

It is your choice though and money... If I had to choose, I would probably go with the Avenger still due to the 3 tac slots, however it may be soon eclipsed by a fleet presidio (assuming it get better off seats). Whether the 1000 zen difference is worth it between the avenger( 4 fleet modules each 500 zen) and the command ship( 3000 Zen) is entirely your decision. 

Hope this helps,

Fleet assault cruiser refit is a great ships and it look good, but although it does decent for dps its a command style ship "tank/support" Bonus: +10 weap, +5 Shields, +5 Aux.

good thing about it it does get 4 tac consoles to help offset the weapons power levels (DPS)

it doesn't get what most dps players look for in two fields 

1) it only gets a +10 weap power/not the +15 alot are looking for
2) unless your running rcs consoles to help the trun rate the mobility might be an issue

Hope this helps alittle going back to that patch thingy
http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?buil...uiser_3155 Here's my Presidio build.

FACR is not a bad ship at all and once you factor in turn rate boosts from Tachyokinetic console and fleet armor consoles it is not an issue at all. It's a very tanky cruiser. 

If you are going for dps, I have some concerns with that build.

First, Dom Pol is nearly impossible to get good mods on. You can use any energy type, but you want to stack [CrtD] mods, with [Pen] if you are lucky. Most hard core dps'rs are going to recommend you use Antiproton, but Prot Pol, Disruptors, and even Phasers will get you close with the right build. Not a huge fan of plasma personally, but there are some really solid plasma builds out there.

Second, dump the consoles that the command ships come with. They are useless. I recommend dropping in the Bioneural Infusion Circuits, Tachyokinetic Converter, a Conductive RCS with [EPS], ZPEC, or even the new Iconian console. Go with all Vulnerability Locators specific to your energy type in your tactical console slots. Embassy flow caps with the new plasma explosion are fun to stack as well, and will boost your power levels dramatically.

Third, you have Zemok: that Beam Overload is not doing you any favors with this particular build: I strongly recommend dropping it and picking up APO1. Your dps and survivability will improve big time.

Here is the Presidio build I use, which hits 60k+ pretty consistently: http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?build=presidio_7227

OP, of the ships you have currently the Presidio is going to be your best bet for what you described. However, fly what you like: any ship can be built to do enough dps to hold its own, just as long as you are having fun doing it.

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