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So, I've been trying to get my Delta Rep maxxed out as quick as possible, so I can have the latest and the greatest equipment. The following link is what I have so far equipped on both character and ship.

Currently using my Chel Grett Omega ship, until I can get the Mobius up to spec. The Dominion cannons are just place holders until I can get more Thoron DBB. Not sure about the turrets in the back, but I like the 360 ability, instead of 250 of the arrays. Also trying to maximize damage with my torpedoes, hence why I'm using Chroniton (time ship, afterall XD).

This link is what I was thinking of having equipped, when all's said and done:

Thoughts? Suggestions? Any help is appreciated. Thanks Smile

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Bumping for suggestions/comments, as I've had over 50 views, but no one has said anything about this. :/
You are a Tactical Officer and have no Skill Points in Attack Patterns? I'm sorry to say this and I don't want to come off as rude, but for a Tactical Officer, this is an absolute NO-GO! In addition, you waste a lot of potential. Spending 9 points on a Skill isn't always optimal. In most cases 6 points are totally sufficient. In other words, you need to respec ASAP.
I recommend you take a look at this Starship Skill Points Effects website for evaluation / confirmation. To that end, disregard Starship Stealth completely.

Personally, I find mixing Cannons/Turrets with Beam to be counter-productive. That said, on your second Möbius build, you have CSV and CRF BOFF abilities, which makes no sense on a Beam build. Replace them with Beam Overload and maybe Attack Pattern Omega. Also on a personal note, I think you could do more damage, if you switch THY3 with TS3 and put switch your Universal BOFFs, placing the Science BOFF in LCdr Slot and give him Gravity Well 1.

If you like a 360° Firing Arc, you could consider crafting a Omni-Directional Polaron Beam.
Because you've got multiple DBBs up front which will do more damage, maximizing your DPS will be tough with the varying fire arcs of your rear beams. You may want to shoot for all regular beams so you can broadside, or do omni beams rear as TP suggested (such as an Omni Polaron and the Omega KCB with another slot leftover for something like the Experimental Proton Weapon for set bonuses). 

You could also consider doing all cannons, as the Mobius can equip them and can be an effective cannon ship. 


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