German Engineering at its best: See how they fixed the public peeing problem
The party-town portion the of the German city of Hamburg, St. Pauli is host to a lot of citizens that have a tendency to forget their alcoholic limits. In other words, things can get a little out of hand on the weekends.

This is most evidently shown through the ridiculous amount of nonchalant public urination. As in, lots of drunk people peeing wherever they can find the wherewithal to drop trow. Obviously, for the citizens that don't partake in the shenanigans, this isn't a good thing.

So what did they do about it? They glazed as many walls as they could find in a superhydrophobic coating (really really waterproof material), put a few courteous signs up, and let the culprits learn their lesson.

See the full video. It's in german, but has english closed captions.

Sheer brilliance. lol
Brilliant! A campaign without peer... or pee-er...

Hahaha, this is awesome. I would love to do this behind a few bars in my town.
We just put urinals in the street.

I'm not joking...
Photos, James?


An American living in the city took this video of it rising up!

(We drive on the right side of the road bdw  Tongue)
That must be a post-2003 invention. Haven't seen them back then. Do these rise up automatically in the evening or are these "on demand"?
Automatically, every evening.

And yes, I have used them, many times.

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