How to handle 'Delta Recruit' events as a fleet
Create a KDF character or KDF-aligned RRF character and join the Legion. We have Cookies! Wink
I'll be making a KDF Romulan or Reman, not sure which yet, but will definately be KDF... {vandal destroyer= free leech} Smile   yay! 

As much as I'd love to see an infusion of characters in the Legion, there are some people who just don't have any interest in the KDF, and who could blame them given the clear imbalance in development time given to the Federation.  The KDF is for the most part an afterthought.
I will be making KDF AND FED for the delta event. Haven't decided on what races yet. My 1st idea was to make a real short guy with a Mohawk named "Mini Mal" but after due consideration have decided not to pursue that course of action. Big Grin

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