Congrats to our new Sub-Admirals
First, as a lowly Cap'n of Omega, I must congratulate our new Sub-Admiral, Kenthend, whose irreverent humor, seemingly endless resources, and inimitable helpfulness and depth of knowledge all add up to everyone having a better time and doing better (oh, and to the Omega fleet opening and already almost being done with the T3 mine).

Next, to the Militia, congrats on your new Sub-Admiral, Pinkscarab. Pink's another one who has definitely improved my in-game experience with all kinds of tips and just a generally positive vibe... I mean, really, I've rarely seen anyone so down to hop into fleet actions, chime in on news, and encourage folks to both improve and have a better time than the Militia's new Sub-Admiral.

Hats off to you both.

TY Puck
Kethend have you thought this through? Working with Mal as your leader.

Seriously though congrats to you and Pinkscarab. Also nice to see Omega coming along. 

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