Fleet BOFF training
As I mentioned in a previous mail message, BOFF training is now available to fleet members from my Engineer, Tactical and Science captains. They can train skills at the Lieutenant Commander and Commander level. By trial and error, I have learned that the easiest way to do the training is for me to invite you to my bridge, where the training can be completed for one of the three specialities (Engineer, Tactical or Science). If you need training in more than one speciality, all we have to do is for me to log out, then log back in and invite you to the bridge of the appropriate training officer. BOFF training can be done for BOFFs of any rank. The only restrictions are that they will not be able to use their higher rank abilities until they reach the appropriate rank and we will not be able to level them up unless your Captain's rank is higher than the BOFF's when we finish training. That will only apply to Captains of level 29 and below. Once you reach level 30, you will outrank all your BOFFs and they can be leveled as high as you want.

To assist you in deciding if you want your BOFFs trained, here is a list of the skills my Engineer gan train them in. I will post similar lists for my Science and Tactical trainers as soon as I can put the lists together for them.

ENGINEERING TRAINING: Lieutenant Commander level -- (Ground) Mine Barrier Iii, Quick Fix III, Shield Recharge III; (Space) Emergency Power to Auxiliary III, Emergency Power to Engines III, Emergency Power to Shields III, Emergency Power to Weapons III, Engineering Team III.
Commander level -- (Ground) Combat Supply I, Cover Shield II, Equipment Diagnostics II,
Phaser Turret Fabrication III, Shield Generator III, Support Drone Fabrication I; (Space) Directed Energy Modulation III, Eject Warp Plasma III, Extend Shields III.

To request training, or if you any questions about anything related to the game, you can contact me by ingame mail addressed to any of my @Warburton1881 characters.

Victor [email protected]
Fleet Crafting Officer
The following are the skills available to have your BOFFs trained in by my Tactical training officer:

Lieutenant Commander: (Ground) Photon Grendae III, Sweeping Strikes III; (Space)Beam Fire at Will III, Tactical Team III, Torpedo High Yield III.

Commander: (Ground) Fire on My Mark II, Lunge III, Overwatch II, Stun Grenade I, Suppressing Fire III, Target Optics III; (Space) Attack Pattern Beta III, Attack Pattern Omega III, Cannon Rapid Fire III, Dispersal Pattern III

Bob [email protected]
Victor's alter ego
The following skills are trainable by my Science training officer:

Lieutenant Commander level -- (Ground) Dampening Field I, Electro-Gravitic Field III, Hypospray-Dylovene III, Medical Tricorder III; (Space) Hazard Emitters III, Jam Sensors III, Science Team III, Tachyon Beam III.

Commander level -- (Ground) Hypospray--Melorazine II, Nanite Health Monitor I, Neural Neutralizer II, Sonic Pulse III, Tricorder Scan III; (Space) Feedback Pulse III, Gravity Well III, Photonic Shock Wave III, Scramble Sensors III.

T'erree [email protected]
Victor's other alter ego
On the KDF side i have a 50 engineer that can train some abilities. Not sure which ones off the top of my head though.
i have a level 50 engineer on the fed and kdf sides, plus a science that is about to be 50. i will write down the skill i can train and i will post them here.

*side note* usually if i train a boff for you, i will max out the skill i trained for you if i have the available skill points.
I'm glad to see there are some people ready to train on the KDF side. I spend very little time with my KDF characters and I haven't checked to see what training skills they have. I don't always look at my mail on the KDF side, which is why I haven't advertised as a KDF trainer.

One caution regarding leveling up the trained BOFFs. If they exceed their Captain's rank, they won't be able to be added to his crew (and once they're trained, they can't be put in the candidate roster). This will only be problem when training for junior officers. As soon as a player reaches the rank of Captain or Admiral, he or she will always outrank his BOFFs.
i don't promote the boffs i train, i just max out the skill that are available at the rank they are. so if you gave me a boff to train that was a lt commander, i would only add skill points to those skills. so it would basically be just like you spent all your points on all available skills for your boffs current rank.

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