Message from Spock "Surely, the Best of Times"
With all the sad news around us at the moment, we may feel like.

As Kirk said : "I take it the odds are against us and the situation is grim?"

So I would like to post this to cheer up the fleet.  It's from star trek II wrath of khan to boost spirits. Replicated and Made by Lightning (with a pc not a replicator lol)

This is the cover of Kirk's copy of A Tale of Two Cities from The Wrath of Khan. All credit goes to Lightning.
the Cover should be life size at 200 dpi. It is a duplicate of the original.

To quote Spock from star trek II wrath of khan

"Surely, the Best of Times" (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan):

So what are you waiting for start this mission

Kirk: "You know if Spock were here, he'd say I was an irrational, illogical human being for going on a mission like that."


Kirk: "Sounds like fun!"

Wrath of Khan Tale of Two Cities Quote:


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