Locked out
I'm locked out of my account after the security notice earlier this weekm and the forgot password function isn't working for me. So I have a ticket in with PWE, but I'm told to expect a response in the next 3-4 days.

So I suppose I will see you all in a week.
You should have received an email from Cryptic with a link to reset your password. Check your spam folder, that's where it was for me.

Yeah, I don't have anything in my spam folder. I don't get anything from the password reset form either. I still receive all my Crytic Store and PWE issue-tracker emails, though. I use Google Apps for mail, so nothing is getting outright blocked at ISP-level or anything.

Got a form response to my ticket telling me to use the password reset page... >.<
Apparently "Junk Email" and "Spam" are two separate folders. >.<

I should be back soon.
Haha I never got a message about login troubles. But since my password wasn't working so I immediately assumed I got hax0r'd and reset my password. Come to find out, I had another account and I also listened to SSR and they said that it was necessary for some users. I just said... "I'm a boss."

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