Qib Intel Battlecruiser - Need another 8k
I need help determining what should be added or upgraded next to get this ship past 22k DPS. My goal is to pass 30k DPS and have money left for some Romulan Ale.


Thank you,
First of all, I would recommend to complete the build by entering your skill points as well. There might be additional potential without you knowing it.

Second of all, I don't know your tactics but you may want to consider to add one or two Dual Beam Banks up front.

Third of all, you may want to add a Beam Overload ability. Currently it gurantees a Critical Hit, which would increase the Damage even more.

Last but not least, if DPS is want you want, they you should try to go for an Aux2Batt build, but for that we have other experts here. Wink
I updated the skills, missed that link the first time.

I tend to move fast and maneuver a great deal, dual beam banks may not fit my style, but I will consider the change.

I tested BO vs a 2nd FAW and I tended to score higher with FAW. But I can easily go switch between the two.

I am not sure what you mean by Aux2Batt build. While I am quite versed in playing the game in general and the acquiring of wealth, this is my first attempt at a high end build.

Thank you,

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