5th STO Academy Anniversary Statistical Analysis
Hello everyone,

first of all I wish all of you a happy 5th STO Academy anniversary. I like to take this opportunity to thank Attilio for his amazing STO Academy website. The Guides and Tools, that you have provided over the time were a great help for thousands, if not millions of STO players.

With the Fleets, you have also given many players a home away from home and on behalf of those, who deeply care about the Fleets I say "Thank you!".

But now, I want to get back on topic. 5 years of STO and five years of STOA. Let's do a little comparison. Cryptic released this infographic, which will be the base for most of my comparison.

A. Characters and Careers

STO has a total of 3.8 million characters across 2.5 million accounts. That makes a Character/Account-Ratio of 1.52 Toons per Account. 51% of are Tactical Officers, 28% are Engineering Characte5rs and 21% are Science Captains.
Faction-wise we have 73% belonging to Starfleet, 16% serving the Klingon Empire and 11% rebuilind the Romulan Civilization.

How are things in STOA? Well, I am glad to report that STO Academy Fleet mates are engaged in the game above average. With currently 1483 Chracters across our four Fleets, which are coming from 712 Fleet members, we have a Character/Account-Ratio of 2.083 Toons per Account.
Career-wise we are close to the STO average when it comes to Tactical Officers. 49.75% of all Characters in STOA have chosen the Tactical Career. Engineers in STOA seems to be more popular than in general, with 33.33% of all our Characters choosing the Engineering career. Sadly, Science Captains seem to be less popular in STOA. Only 16.92% of all Characters in STOA are following the Ways of Science.
Faction-wise, I am happy that the STO Academy Fleets are a little bit more diverse than the STO average. 58.463% are dedicated Starfleet Officers, 21.915% are serving the Romulan Republic and 19.622% are Soldiers of the Klingon Empire.

B. Fleet development

Five years ago the first "STO Academy" was founded. The second Fleet was the KDF-equivalent called "STO Akademy", which was later renamed into "STO Academy Legion". Later a second Federation fleet was founded, the "STO Academy Militia". The Militia was initially intended to be a home for the best of the best of the STO Academy. However, these plans became obsolete when the membership base grew and grew. Then on 07/12/2012 Season six was launched and the Fleet Holdings (Starbase, Embassy, Dilithium Mine and Spire) were introduced. In my opinion, that was when the Golden Age of STOA started. Suddenly all Fleet members had a common goal and so over a thousand Fleet members (past and present) contributed ressources to complete the Fleet Holdings.
On 02/09/2014 that hard work paid finally off, when all Fleet Holdings of the STO Academy were completed. Currently next in line for completion is the STO Academy Militia, which is working hard on completing the Science Track on their Starbase. The STO Academy Legion is third in line. I won't lie here, I am proud of all the Legion has done in most of 2013 and the first half of 2014. Unfortunately, the release of Delta Rising somewhat killed the momentum of the Legion and I hope, that the dedication and enthusiasm that used to rule in the Legion will return.
Last but not leastr, our newest Fleet: "STO Academy Omega". With the limitation in numbers to each Fleet, it became apparent that sooner or later, a third Federation Fleet would became necessary. With Omega nearing its 100 day anniversary since its official release, we see an impressive progress on their Fleet Holdings. Personally I can't wait for its Dilithium Mine to fully complete, so that their Members can benefit from the 15% Discounts in Fleet projects as well as in personal Dilithium discounts. Keep up the good work!

C. Contributions

Since Season Six was released on 07/12/2012, 1068 Fleet members (past and present) have contributed ressources worth of 701,928,763 Fleet Credits. That makes for an average of 657,237 Fleet Credits per Account overall.
If we take the present Fleet members only, then 598 out of 712 Fleet members have contributed ressources worth of 623,395,901 Fleet Credits. The "active" average is 1,042,468 Fleet Credits, which is slightly beyond the requirements for the "STO Academy Bronze Citation of Enrichment" commendation.

In fact, the amount of contributions were so massive, that over time many Fleet members qualified for our Fleet Holding Commendations:
  • STO Academy Bronze Citation of Enrichment (137 Fleet mates)
  • STO Academy Silver Citation of Enrichment (55 Fleet mates)
  • STO Academy Gold Citation of Enrichment (34 Fleet mates)
  • STO Academy Platinum Citation of Enrichment (11 Fleet mates)
Please note, that this list includes eligible awardings, that are yet to be given out.

With all the efforts made by the majority, it saddens me to report that we have yet 114 Fleet mates, who never made any Contributions. Why it is that way puzzles me. After all, the Fleet Credits earned can be used to get Top Notch Fleet equipment.

Anyway, you can take a more detailed look in the Fleet Stats here. I update them on a regular basis.

Happy Anniversary!

P'Triq Marqus
Chief of Operations
STO Academy Fleets
Great info as always TP.   I'd also like to thank Attilio for the massive amount of effort that he has put into the fleet and thank all the admirals for helping to make the fleet what it is today.

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