Episode Re-Run in May
Mmm I would love to get a special boff :LickLips:
Undine are not a featured series so there is no special reward. You got all of the other ones correct though.

This and the fleet starbases might possibly be the best thing to come out of Cryptic all month! If they are seriously bringing back the limited time rewards, I'd love to play through the episodes again. I could care less about the Lobi crystals, because those will probably be earned 1 per series playthrough or something crazy like that. Or they will be listed as a uber-rare loot drop, either way, I don't expect to earn any real amount. Perhaps I'm a little jaded.

Either way, I'll play through the episodes again if I get to have the limited time reward! Heck, it will be fun just to play through the episodes again!
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Ummm if I remember correctly each week was a different series. They've only done the replay thing once before. Although frankly I think they should just do something like for the whole month you can replay any series and get the rewards.

That'd be cool. And it'd be an awesome way to get a lot of other people into the game and to encourage doing more missions
ChrisHerr Wrote:
Attilio Wrote:.... Although frankly I think they should just do something like for the whole month you can replay any series and get the rewards.

But then it wouldn't be gated content! You can only do things at certain times so that you are not playing the game, the game is playing you!! <joking, mostly>

You jest but I still havent been able to hit the new Vault missions and to be honest if they had them at a set time I would make sure and be on during those times to do them.
The rerun missions aren't going to be events like the new Vault Shuttle Event. It will be something like, play the missions between this day and this day (probably week) to get the special rewards. So you can play any of those days at any time.

If they just did a whole rerun month then people could log in at anytime and play whichever missions they want for the special rewards. This will be good once the number of feature episodes starts to increase.

My recollection is that the Breen Tac officer was a unique item. If so, you would not be able to get another one. As for having to run all the missions, I don't think you have to. As reruns, you can pick and choose and, at worst, you can skip through missions just like on the regular featured episodes.
Ussually you have to complete the entire featured set to qualify for the unique reward from my usnderstanding.
Party poppers and Deferi lock boxes?

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