Fleet Signatures
Hello folks!

On our fleet site there is a function to make a Fleet Signature, rather than the signature maker that is on the stoacademy website for everyone else who doesnt want to be in our fantastic fleet!

If you go to http://fleet.stoacademy.com/signature.php you can set it up!

It will give you your rank, which fleet you are in, and even let you add a background picture of your choice!

If there is not a picture there that you like however, feel free to give me or attilio a shout with the file (or where to go and take the picture), and we can get it into the signature maker pronto!

What a great way to represent the fleet on all sorts of forums, even here!

Big Grin
Thank you, so very much. I have the artistic prowess of a chimpanzee, and I really despised the sig that I had made. With appreciation...Will

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