New Sub-Admirals Required!
Hello Fleet!

Many of you should have already gotten my fleet mail on Tuesday (and if not, clear your damn inboxes).

Here is just a reminder that we need 2 Sub-Admirals for our fleets!

1x Sub-Admiral for the STO Academy Militia
2x Sub-Admiral for the STO Academy Omega

Our Sub-Admirals are part of the life-blood of our fleets, helping our Fleet Admirals manage and run their fleets, but also to help new and old members alike, run events when feasible, and be there as great support.

Feel up to it? Then tell us why! Go to to apply. The link will take you to a simple Google form to fill in.

Applications close on the 28th of February, so you have plenty of time!

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below.

*PLEASE DO NOT APPLY ON THIS THREAD. That would be hugely embarrassing and you will more than likely be made fun of. No one wants that Tongue

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