Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier [T5-U] build
Hi, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my build, it is a work in progress and I could use some help with it in general;

- I am saving up for the Nukara Appropriated Munitions set for the Extra Damage.
- I am also tempted by the Omega Force/ Nukara Strikeforce 2-piece bonuses, but am open to suggestions here too.
- I was considering changing to Fleet tactical consoles for the extra crit chance.
- The type of Tetryon is still in testing ( I don't know which type is best).
- I am only lv 54, so I don't yet have access to the final trait slot.

Thanks for looking Smile

- Cast
For guidance on tetryon damage types I wrote this lengthy post for all the energy damage types, I suggest consulting that to decide what you want to use.


I would swap your tetryon amplifiers for Fleet variants from the Spire, probably Vulnerability Locators. The extra crit chance is pretty great for DPS over time. The Escort Carrier can also run dual heavy cannons which will do more single-target damage than beams will, although the ship can run regular beam arrays as a broadside boat as well which will probably provide the highest sustained DPS in a firefight. If I had to pick a 2-piece, Nukara is not bad although the set bonuses aren't particularly great. However, if you stay with tetryon then the 3pc set bonus is impacted by the damage from your consoles for tetryon as well, and if you have the Nukara T5 rep power then that is also affected.

I am not a huge fan of the Dominion Command Interface consoles but that's personal preference... if you like the tetryon proc's effect then putting something here to boost Flow Caps makes sense as the shield drain effectiveness is related to your Flow Caps skill. In that vein, running the Jem'Hadar space deflector from the set is very good as it boosts Flow Caps significantly, and you could replace the Aegis shields with that as well for the 2pc Jem set bonus. I'd try to get a Fleet Warp Core also, preferably one with [AMP] bonus as with plasmonic leech (also affected by Flow Caps Smile ) you can be running very high power levels in all 4, which adds to your damage. If you switch to cannons, try to replace your mines in the rear with a turret and instead use the Long-Range Destabilized Tetryon Heavy Cannon from the Hirogen space set. This allows you to free up an aft slot for another weapon that you can always fire. Alternatively you can add the cannon and also keep the mines for the 3pc set bonus. You could either run all turrets rear, or keep the Omni beam and use a BO2/3 if you can spare it in your boff skills for that extra punch. 

Another suggestion for the space set is to use the 2pc Omega Force set as the Tetryon Glider 2pc bonus will stack nicely with your other tetryon skills and is also affected by Flow Caps. You could use the Jem'Hadar deflector, along with the Omega Force engines and shield. Also, don't forget to upgrade your Tachyokinetic Converter and the Threat Analysis Matrix. Even inserting them into the upgrade slot without doing anything will convert them from Mk Infinity to MkXII, which grants you a significant bonus to their stats (Mk Infinity items are actually MkX). 

Boff Skills:
If you do switch to cannons I'd suggest dropping your Tac Team 2 in favor of BO2, and using TT1 instead on your universal boff slot if you feel you need to run 2 copies of Tac Team. There is no perceived benefit to using anything above TT1 so don't burn a slot on it. I would then run either CRF or CS in your 2nd slot on the Cdr Tac position. 

Finally, although this may seem anti-theme on a Jem'Hadar ship, I'd run something like Yellowstones instead. If you can't use the JHAS as pets then the other Jem ships suck in my opinion. Yellowstones last a lot longer and can slow down targets making them easier to kill. 


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