Thoughts on the Exchange
If yours sold for 3.5 overnight I should listed mine for a higher price., put 5 up for 3.5 right before the server came down for maintenance.
Yeah, I spaced on buying some before the server went down. Oops. Damn work... Get that dough!!! Lol

Just made a little update to the charts that are on TP's fleet stats site (, moving the actively tracked stuff up to the top and highlighting it in green. Mind you, there are still two columns (I should change that), so you may have to scroll left to right.

There are a few high ticket items that I have noticed don't go down in price. Ship upgrade tokens went from 5 million ec around December 2014 to now a price of over 12 million each. Master Keys are around 5 million ec right now. And it might cost dilithium to do the upgrades but the Aegis Set, the Hyper Shield will all go for around 25 - 50 million ec for each piece if its already epic when it hits the exchange. Another good one is the SRO doffs, they go for about 5 - 7 million ec depending on the rarity of them. The blues will go from about 4.9 million to 5.5 million. The purple (rare) will go from about 5.8 million to around 7.1 million easily. These are the big ticket items that I have sold on the exchange quickly at those prices. Plus any console that includes the modifier [EPS] is instant high ticket sales. Right now mirror ships seems to be rising thanks to the admiralty system for their high sci numbers.


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