Thoughts on the Exchange
Thanks for the tip, Will, and I'll definitely add it to the list above (and maybe do some more straightening up/organizing) this evening!

That said, I haven't noticed a huge variance in prices for Contraband and for Masterkeys (meaning that I've only seen Masterkeys vary by about 10% (lowest: 1.9m, highest "low": 2.1m in my rough recollection)... but, once you get enough money, the 200k profit/key is worth the 1.9m outlay up front, I guess... especially since Keys seem to be really predictable.

As far as big-ticket stuff to avoid, I was thinking of 10m+ EC consoles and stuff (I saw one listed for 5m the other day... a 100% and 5m EC profit... but it'll take weeks to move, or so I've learned)... things that people really actually think about before buy. Masterkeys are like the opposite... does anyone think before purchasing a Masterkey or are they all impulse buys (hence why it's really easy to move them on the Exchange)?

Okay, I have to run. More later.

I would not sell any traces on the Exchange for some time. Right now, they're at 45k, significantly higher from the 22k they were at for a long time.

Once the event ends (tomorrow), they dry up. At that point, there may be some instability as some people freak out to top off their stacks and others flood the exchange to make quick ECs. I think, though this is pure guess, that the price will stabilize fairly high for omega components.

That said, I'm not going to sell the traces, but craft them up to fragments, first. Last I checked, IIRC, fragments were ~1.45m/each on the exchange... off the 45k, that's more than a 200k increase as you craft the stuff up (albeit, that's ~18 hours of crafting, again, if memory serves). If the relative markup stays the same, but prices go up, it's even more worth your while.

Nobody can predict what will happen, but a bunch of us in the fleet are banking on the prices of these components shooting up over the coming months, as they'll be a scarce source of dilithium-free upgrades.

Which is another reason to craft the components up... dedicate one slot to churning out fragments at a sloth-like pace to give yourself something to occupy yourself with as you wait for the price to reach what you think it's height will be.

Too bad, I had a rush deadline come up and am missing out on the last hours of being able to farm this stuff...

Okay, so I've just completed a little experiment for a bit...
Decided to track a few items on the exchange and chart them in Google Drive... check out the results:

As it is, I'm only going to maintain a few of these charts, as I'm interested in different stuff (some the same) on the Exchange these days...

A couple of things to note... it's important to map out when events, sales, etc. happen and compare them to these charts in order to see trends. Speaking of trends, one that you'll notice is that some items are much cheaper as a stack than individually. The most obvious example of that in my charts is Jevonite. It's small-potatoes, but you can turn a 30-50% profit just buying stacks and breaking them up for individual sale.

Anyways, I think it's fairly easy to set up a chart like this and really helpful for figuring out when to buy and sell things... I suggest everyone wanting to play the market do something like this, but, then, I'm a visual learner, so it really helps me to chart things out.

Let me know what you think and let's keep the discussion going on how to come up like a gangster in STO!

This is great, I especially love the zen to dil exchange as I have been trying to prospect here. Are you planning to continue that one I hope?

Yes, I'm keeping the Zen/Dil ratio chart... Especially since I bought way too early on this latest bubble, lol...

I marked the ones I won't be actively maintaining as "STALE" and may remove them if I stop following them all together... it's just too small potatoes, lol.

If you're interested in any of the ones marked stale, I can give you access to that sheet and you can maintain the chart in question. Let's get these multiple types of currency, lol...

I've made the most from selling antiproton consoles, but only when I'm lucky enough to get them to Epic.  The easiest way to play the market I've found is buy radiogenic particles for crafting superior beam upgrades and selling them, haven't done it for awhile but the upgrades were selling for around 4 times what the radiogenic particles cost.

Edit: Also I hate the exchange, I can't even sell colonists without getting undercut anymore.
Hey guys, since you're the experts on accumulating EC, could you lend a hand to this thread.


First off, Jack, thanks for the heads up about the other thread, though "expert" may be a little more ahead of where I'm at... maybe "dedicated novice," lol...

Anyways, I had some luck making money off of consoles as well, but it requires inventory space, lol... I mean, even the low-level consoles are worth a fair amount more than the mats (though you have to see what each one is selling at).

Superior Beam Upgrades are not quite so lucrative anymore, with Radiogenics coming in around 80k (90k last I checked) a piece and the upgrades only selling for a shade under 200k... you can still make a profit (especially if you crit regularly), just a slimmer one.

Thanks Puck

The only question that I have with the way to make EC is that doesnt this take a long time, with a very small profit margin? You have to craft tons of stuff ( and not to mention the other materials too)  in order to gain roughly 100k. How did you get 50 million EC from doing this... just doing it over and over again?

Oh, no. Most of EC have come from buying low and selling high. Crafting's just a bread and butter thing (b/c sometimes you call the market wrong) and most of my slots are dedicated to leveling, tbh.

That said, if you stockpile mats when they're cheap (say, Radiogenics during the Crystalline event), it's not as bad...

It's also important to look to see if the components are cheaper than the mats required to make them.

And it's good to keep leveling, as critting consistently makes it much more profitable.


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