Vaadwaur ships? New Command ships too.
Astika and Manasa missing.

New command cruisers also about to launch, so I'll get in early asking for those too. Want to theory craft on them while at work not in game.. Wink
Hi! I noticed that x, y and z are missing from the planner. Could you please add them in? Thank you so much for this awesome resource.

I like mine better

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Further to my post, I realise the Astika and Manasa are in the list but under the T5 category. They should be in the T6 category. Is why I couldn't see them initially.
I can adjust the the category for those now, but I won't be able to get the Command ships in until probably sometime tomorrow, which is why I haven't done it yet.

Looks like the command ships are in, thanks!

The "Ty�Gokor" has a ? symbol in it. Looks like it isn't finished yet though, most of the slots still missing. Perhaps you're still working on that one.

I can't see the "Vaadwaur Anchor Drone" in the console list either (the console from the latest lock box)
Ty'Gokor should be fine now, was just a minor glitch that needed fixing.

I'll check on the anchor drone as soon as I get a chance. Thanks.

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