I need help to improve my DPS - Eng - Breen - Cannon - Disruptor
(02-09-2015, 05:45 AM)martinison Wrote: Well, I'm not a cannon expert, but I think I can help a bit.  To answer your first question, yes, you can get more out of this build, and you can get started with some fairly cheap fixes.  For starters, you have beam target shields listed in one of your tac slots.  Not sure if this was an error, but it should certainly be replaced. I'd go with another copy of attack pattern beta.  You may also consider replacing rapid fire with another scatter volley, as hitting multiple targets (especially effective with gravity well) will boost your raw dps output.  You may also add a second emergency power to weapons as  you probably experience pretty extreme weapon drain.  That's about it for the cheap fixes.  I see that you have some crtd on your cannons.  That is a good start.  They really aren't effective without also having the locator tac consoles available at the fleet spire.  This will boost your crit rate, allowing you to take advantage of the crtd on those weapons.  That's the first and most important thing I'd look at if you have the resources.  Beyond that looking long term I would just recommend upgrading your gear all around.  The most important aspect of dps is getting your crit rate and crit damage up as high as you can, so look for anything that will help with that.  Also, keep in mind that an optimal crtd/crth ratio is about 10:1, in otherwords if you have 10% crth, you want to have around 100 crtd  (keep in mind that the ship stats do not include your weapon mods so you need to do that calculation yourself).  I hope this helps.

Hi dude,

I really enjoyed your comments and will follow all of them, also thanks for explaining me how is the best way to balance CRTD and CRTH.

I am saving for some locators when I get enough time in clan to be allowed to buy them.

Thank you so much as you helped a lot!

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