Vaadwaur Manasa: Review and Park and Shoot Build!
After flying the Vaadwaur Manasa for the last few days over on Tribble, I have come to realize that I really like this ship.  With the right build it can be a dangerous little ship.  I will admit I'm not the best tactical player but I do okay.

In this video I attempt a look at a kind of "Park and Shoot Build."  As I'm sure you can all tell by the name, what you do with this build.  Fly up to your enemies stop or come to crawl and unleash hell.  This doesn't mean you just sit there the whole time you have to move sometimes.  I have grabbed some gear that lets us get away with this technique and this ship's starship trait only further pushed me toward this idea.

Some of the gear I grabbed may not be what the final result of this build should be, I only have so long to "perfect" these builds before I have to release the video.  In fact while recording I started to realize a few things I would change later.  Maybe two tac teams.  Definitely two scatter volley but part of that was for the benefit of those who like rapid fire.  My tac consoles would all have been locators but I don't have the resources there, as well as some key lobi consoles.  I guess it would also help if I had some upgraded gear but oh well.

I hope some folks who watch this get inspired and post links to their builds of a "Park and Shoot Build" here.  I hope you all find this enjoyable.


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