Dilithium Weekend (2/5-2/9)
Just a friendly reminder.  Go ahead and queue up Mining & VIP Mining now so that you get double the effort on Thursday!

For those who don't know, if you queue up "Asteroid Mining" but don't use it until the next day, you can immediately claim it again for double the rewards.  It's almost like getting an extra day of mining (or whatever Dilithium mission you want.)  But you MUST do this at least 20 hours before you plan on using it.  i.e. Queue up "Asteroid Mining" by Wednesday @ 1pm EST so that you can do it twice on Thursday after the maintenance is done.

Also, if you have Mining Claims from lock-boxes, queue them up by double clicking them and selecting the mission.  You'll get a cool 20k Dilithium for just two minutes work Smile

Sounds so Damn sexy
good tip ty
Will try it out. ty
I also recommend to get at least "Mine Rich Dilithium Crystal." at a Tier 3 Fleet Dilithium Mine. It's just one Crystal that gives you up to 960 Dilithium during the Event. And while you are there, you can refine another extra 500 Dilithium.

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