Greetings from Battle Fleet Gamma

I'm Udimir, the leader of Battle Fleet Gamma. Battle Fleet Gamma is a large fleet that is about 80 members smaller then yours with 200 members at present. Back at the end of March our fleet and the leaders of out fleet STO Academy discussed a cooperation pact between our two fleets, as we are both built on similar concepts and direction in the game with helping newer members learn the game, while providing fun and engaging activities for endgame players and players of all ranks. As a symbol of good faith between our 2 fleets, I have an alt that is part of this fleet (Farmer Romi), which is how I came to contact your leadership several weeks ago.

I think both fleets will benefit a lot from a 'alliance'/cooperation pact, especially with all the good news I'm hearing about in season 6 with fleet territories and starbases/exploration. BFG also has friendly relations with The Galactic Guard (Another alliance, slightly larger then yours), that we had since BFG's creation last December; but no open co-op. These relations when you combine all 3 fleets though puts all fleets involved in a potentially strategic advantage at whatever comes our way this Summer.

Other then that, in the shorter term we call all benefit from more manpower/players for events, raids, and what not, which will aid to increase activity for all fleets involved. This is n exciting time for both our fleets, as we have a older more experienced larger and established fleet working with a slightly smaller, newer and somewhat less experienced fleet in terms of leadership. With guidance from STOA, BFG and STOA can become even greater fleets, and gain more representation both within and outside of STO!

I wasn't sure were to post this, so I posted it here. if it should be somewhere else, feel free to move this topic.

Udimir/Farmer Romi
We don't have a section of the forums for other fleets to post in. This section is for public use, not fleet matters. I can move this to our fleet section, but the only reason you would have access is because you are a member of the fleet as well.


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