Dust to Dust, Accolades, and Omega Particles for Qmendations
I'm not sure if the Kobali uniform is account or character at the moment, but it does support pastel colors, which is fantastic... a good way to cheer up the visual aesthetic of helping a bunch of zombies win a war and convert all of their enemies into more zombies.

On the Omega Particle minigame, I try to shoot for 1000 or more... I have found it to be more consistent with the keyboard than mouse (well, I use a trackpad, so maybe that's why), but I have found that, at higher numbers (> 1000), I have a chance of getting a sliver instead of a particle (the thing you craft the particles into). I don't think it's directly tied to a target number, as the highest score I ever got only netted me a yellow particle, but I've only gotten a sliver when I've gone over 1000 (and a sliver is the equivalent of 1 of each type of trace plus the hour to craft them into a sliver).

As far as the order in which to do things, the locations are assigned kind of at random. Certain locations are buggy (there are some threads in the STO forum with info on which locations are problematic and workarounds, if available, here: http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/showth...?t=1359741 - you may have to go to the later pages to find what you need).

Also, yes, Dust to Dust you'll have to do 4 times to get all the rewards, but you also have to stagger it, as the different rewards are releasing over time (you probably saw that, though).

Please, anybody correct me if I'm wrong.

(02-04-2015, 04:00 PM)Chris Wrote: I would guess that some people just hang out in orbit of places like Drozana station, and just grind away.  (Speaking of grinding, I now have two Omega slivers!)

   Seems like when I work to get a high score, or when I get a low score, just to see if you can fail, I get the same rewards.   (I just need to get a higher score like Puckalish to have a chance at better rewards!)

I noticed the same thing about not being able to fail, and today I'm going to try to bring out my old script for gathering snowballs, and see if I can gather Omega Particles in a similar way.
Drozana orbit will probably be my first try, as it seems there are many Omega Molecules there to work through.

Anyone else tried for some heavy grinding? (I also can't remember if Omega particles are bound, or if they can be traded, or even bought and sold on the exchange.....)

I assume the particles will still be around after the 5 year ann event, and will just be something we run into? (Though Q did say he had placed the particles out there, so perhaps they will all go away....)
I can't see how to combine the particles - am I missing something?

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You do it through the Science R&D school. Scroll down in the list of projects. They are right below the Development project at the bottom of the list.
TacPaddy's right on about where to craft the stuff.
I'm not sure about whether the Omega stuff will be craftable after the 26th, though... I've seen folks in chat suggesting otherwise.

Also, in chat (not through experience), I've heard that over 2000 almost guarantees a sliver and sometimes returns a shard and that, if you score >=2600 (Cap'n Crunch, anyone?), you run a slim chance of getting a fragment. I can't confirm any of that, though, as I'm working with a trackpad, so I'm using my keyboard and some folks are saying that the mouse performs better.

That said, if William T. figures out how to run some code to do this while I'm doing work-work, dang, that beats the socks off of any high score (though if you can grab a shard off of the minigame, that's worth 9 traces and, what, 4 hours of R&D you just saved?)

Also, thanks, Chris, for the info on Dust to Dust... gotta run that joint again... accolade or not, I want to get through that sliding floor jobby job on Hard without missing a step. I mean... it's a platformer. That's so fresh, if just for reminiscence.

I also saw something, btw, on the PWE forums, that suggests the Omega Upgrade research projects will stop being accessible after the Anniversary event (until 2016, presumably):

Comment 7

... the point being made seems kind of important... I'm crafting my first Omega Upgrade right now (might've actually completed by now) and I was wondering about ROI on traces vs. slivers vs. shards vs. fragments vs. upgrades (I mean, the 3 fragments > upgrade project takes 20 hours, which may be ridiculous for, say, a 25k increase - time better spent crafting more fragments or whatever). It doesn't really answer that question, but it's important to note that all of those elements will most likely jump in price around the end of the event.

Does anyone know if it's worth the R&D time to craft this stuff up or if it'll net almost as much to sell packs of traces at the end of the event?

I guess, we will now after today's Patch. The Omega Tech Upgrade is supposed to then grant the correct Research Bonus.
And so he waited 1 day, 12 hours, 32 minutes, and 9 seconds for the Omega particles to stop coming Big Grin

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Not to mention, Chris, that the traces, if you correct for daily fluctuations, are all priced around the same spot: ~22k/particle, which means that you could just farm yellow, for example, at Drozana, and then go on the exchange to sell some yellows for reds and blues without any real loss of value.

Occasionally I'll farm 27 of each. With that I've been creating the upgrades. So far I've managed to get 3 or 4 upgrades, maybe 5 I can't remember.


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