back in the game T6 Phantom, suggestions please
Hi All,

I have just re-joined after a forced year away and am slowly building up my phantom escort, I am looking at Nakura set next but any advice greatly appreciated to start with.
I have been building my crafting levels up, now around 11 so can start on weapons soon, any advice on where to start also appreciated.


Hi Burns,
  Although I will admit that I am no expert at a tactical character, I hope that these suggestions are good.

1. Since you're using antiproton weapons, I would recommend getting the ancient omni-directional antiproton beam array, as it deals more dps than even fleet turrets, and also the ancient obelisk rift warp core, which combined with the array give you a 10% set bonus to antiproton damage. These can both be acquired from the story mission " Sphere of Influence", but you would have to play twice. 

2. Regarding the crafting levels, it takes a long, LONG time to get to lv 15, the benchmark for producing the nice stuff, and it apparently will take about a year to get to the end, lv 20. However I would recommend upon reaching lv 15 to perhaps get the crafted onmi-direction ap beam array, which I suspect will also do more dps than the turret. 

3. Lastly I would be tempted to swap out at least on of the scatter volleys for a torp spread or better a cannon rapid fire, as they will all share a cooldown time, and the same will apply to tac team. 

As I said earlier, I am no expert at this, but I hope that these suggestions will be useful.


Thanks for the advice, -much appreciated, will stick and buy some fleet weapons for now then and craft what I can sell to level up to 15 before I start building my own.

I already have the Rift Core so will replay for the Omni beams.

Will switch in the rapid fires, and scatter volleys as suggested.

Kind Regards,


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