Looking for feedback on Tac Ody build
I'm a casual player looking for some up to date opinions on my Ody build.http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?buil...druid_9223

I'm open to criticism and I know i might even get some WTF's but Ive done my best so far by myself and now I need to know how to sqeeze more DPS out of this. I can take a beating but some times It feels like I'm using a pee shooter against steel Tongue I would also like to know if theres any way to track my DPS. Every thing is listed for my BOff's and I'm a Tac Fleet Admiral, also I'm in a 2 man fleet so no access to fleet stuff.
Any Help is greatly appreciated.
To be honest, I would prefer to see a build, in which you have also entered your current skill set as well as the Traits that you use. That way the feedback you desire, would be more efficient.

Tactical BOFF Abilities. Having BO3 for Starters is nice, but I think you can drop all those Subsystem 
Targetting ability. Replace them with TT1, BFaW1, TT1 and TS1. 

Engineering: You will most likely get advice to go for an Aux2Batt build. Personally I don't like them. Anyway for those Builds get Aux2Batt on the LCdr Spot on your Engineer and replace Aceton Beam with DEM3, if you can get someone to train your Engineer for you.

Science: If I would know your Skills, then maybe (just maybe) I would advise putting a LCdr. Science with Gravity Well 1 in the LCdr Universal BOFF Slot. Especially, if you want to actually benefit from your Exotic Particle Field Exciter Console.  Like I said, maybe. Wink

Devices: I have no idea, why people bother with those Turrets. They are a waste. Their Cooldown takes to long and they are destroyed to fast. Put something useful in there like for example the Subspace Field Manipulator.

Consoles: First rule here is to get Fleet variants, if possible. This counts for your Armor and Tactical Consoles. Drop the Transphasic Compressor and replace it with another Antiproton Mag Regulator.
If your BOFFs are all Human, drop the SIF Generator and get an RCS Accelerator, as the Odyssey turns so damn slow.

That's what I do. I'm sure you will get some additional feedback now as well.

P.S.: In order to track your DPS, you can use the CombatLog Reader on this website. Wink
Hey Oberon,

You have not a bad build here, but I would agree to what tacpaddy has said, but the main things that I would change would be as followed.

1. Abilities-  You should absolutely get tactical team. It is one of the most, if the not the most important ability to a damage dealing ship, or most ship builds in general. Also I would replace the subsystem targeting powers with at least fire at will and top spread.  Secondly I would get emergency power to weapons, replacing acetone beam or shield polarity, which will increase damage.

2. Consoles- I might replace the SIF generator with another armour console, or put in the aquarius. Second currently with your science powers the exotic particle console is not doing anything useful, and neither of the other shield consoles are not that effective in my opinion. I would replace them with either a field generator ( increases max shield HP better that the rep console) or an emitter array which improves shield healing powers like sci team. Tac consoles are currently good if you do not have access to fleet consoles.

3- Weapons- I would take one of the transphasic torpedoes off, and replace it with a beam. This is because, unless our building a top boat outright, they have a longer reload than the beams and are most effective when shields are down, which beams take down. Since you're using antiproton, you can get the ancient obelisk set from sphere of influence which gives you a warp core and beam array which its set 2 bonus gives 10% extra antiproton damage.

I hope that this will be useful to you,


Thanks to both of you for the input. Since i posted I have joined a Fleet with actual people in it lol. So ive been getting some assistance not to mention access to Fleet Gear. Sorry for the lack of info. on my skills, I actually have them listed in the build link but it also needs one hell of a work over. I know im on the right track but didnt relize there would be so much to it Tongue and as far as the skills go I saved all my resets so i have 2 left but last time I changed them I think I just made it worse lol.
If You use the Skill planner on this site should you pay attention to the stars? Cause I didnt relise they were there until after the fact Confused I'm also still working on Rep. which i think is also holding me back as far as Traits go.
Anyways I'm making changes that you have sugested and Ill post everything when im done and see where to go from there.
If you need more to go on let me know. Lack of info. is due to my lazyness to type lol but I can get over it if you tell me exactly what you need, oh and whatch out with the acronyms Im getting by but I'm like not very fluent with them lol.
Thanks again and any more ideas are welcomed.

PS, Funny thing is...I look at your sugestions and they make sense (damned if I could see it though) Tongue
Well, you do not need to pay attention to those Stars on the Skill Planner, but it would help you a lot if you do. Wink
 Like I said in my post, it would be helpful if we'd know how you allocated your 360,000 Skill Points. If you are still in the process of respecing your Skill, I recommend you take also a close look here, as some Skill are not worth it at all. By that I mean that their actual bonus is too negligible to waste skill points for.

Do you have the entire Odyssey Ship Pack? If yes, then (Click to View)
Ok, so everey thing is in my build page and hey...I actually saved it this tim lol. I was scratchin my head saying why are they askin for my skills and thats why Tongue http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/?buil...druid_9223
Its lookin better and im gonna try it out now, lemee know what you think, thxs again.

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