Understanding Weapon Modifiers and Their Effect on DPS
I know a lot of people out there struggle understanding the weapon modifiers and how they effect damage output.  People are always asking what modifiers are best.  We'll try to use this thread to help answer some of those questions.

Edited to remove dead link.  Please see post #8 for a link to an excellent resource to help understand mods and energy types.
Very interesting numbers. Thanks for sharing

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A++ post thanks for sharing.

Can any one repost or have any other info on this topic please? 

This link appears to be dead, is there a copy of it somewhere?

It's coming up "this account has been disabled" 
Sorry, it was linked from a third party.  I'll try to find this info again, but as of right now it looks like it's gone.
Here is a VERY good read for those interested in the subject:   http://www.reddit.com/r/stobuilds/commen...and_procs/

(my thanks to Martok73 for providing me with the link)
Thanks for tracking that down Florian.  Looks like a very well thought out explanation of some of the most important mods in the game.

Here is a tool I found for calculating your crit chance and crit damage.  http://comatoes.github.io/sto-crit-calc/

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