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Okay, so I am pretty much a newbie again after so much time away. But my main issue at the moment is regarding what I do with my ships.

So, my 3 tac toons can live happily with the vet ships upgraded to T5U for free. Mon'T will miss the kalfi carrier but I can't upgrade all of the ships.

My other two toons are my main and secondary - a kdf eng and a fed sci. I have enough zen to get two T6 ships, plus the free upgrade token, but I don't want to waste it. For example, the T6 kdf cruiser doesn't look so good. For the most part, the free upgrade on the vet ship is just as good. Are they planning on bringing out more kdf T6 cruisers soon? Or should I upgrade my negvar? Or get one of the bortes'qu and use the upgrade token? Bearing in mind, she is my main.

Then with the sci, do I get a shiney T6 sci ship or upgrade the nimbus, bearing in mind he is a secondary char?

Part of me says to upgrade the nimbus with the token (as he's a secondary, it'll be enough) and wait for more kdf T6 cruisers to buy.

What are your thoughts?

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I think with the anniversary coming up and the announced Command Specialization, there will be new ships for all three factions using Command seating. And from the looks of it Command powers look to mix well in a cruiser for great support so I'd hold off. BTW the KDF Intel Cruiser is actually quite good!
Aye, the fifth year ships will be worth waiting for.

A cruiser of that level needs more than 700 crew - well, it does the way I treat them :-)

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